Cancer patients getting improved access to treatments in Scotland not being reported

From the Scottish Government today but not the kind of thing BBC Reporting Scotland Down agenda welcomes:

A programme which has given cancer patients improved access to treatments is being extended.

Patients and health professionals reported significant improvements in access to cancer medicines thanks to the initiative, which was set up during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The National Cancer Medicines Advisory Group (NCMAG) initiative meant clinicians were able to make quicker decisions about patient medication and also that some treatments could be taken at home rather than having to visit hospital. The number of hospital visits were estimated to be halved, reducing the risk of infection to patients and the burden on cancer services.

An evaluation of the programme, which was supported by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, revealed high levels of positivity from patients while clinicians suggested hospital visits for patients were halved.

For more on this see:

Another unreported cancer story:


6 thoughts on “Cancer patients getting improved access to treatments in Scotland not being reported

  1. I suspect BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs does not actually seek out news stories, but just uses press releases from the Scotland Office, and the Conservative/Labour/LibDem branch offices, without any fact checking.

    Any press releases from SNP and Greens will be ignored.

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  2. I have a problem with calling any BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs programme ”a News and Current Affairs programme ” !

    It has become blatant pro-Union and anti-SNP propaganda with very little , if any , informative element .

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    1. I used the name, “News and Current Affairs”, because there are other parts of BBC Scotland which actually produce very good programmes and I do not want those involved with these to be tarred with the same brush as the propaganda unit.


  3. O/T Re- the ‘new’ Tory government’s new plan to alleviate the crisis in NHS England.

    The Institute for Government (IfG) on 23 September published an article entitled: ‘Thérèse Coffey’s plan does not do enough to support the NHS and social care’.

    It examines announcements made by the incoming Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on how the Westminster government intends to address the severe pressures facing the NHS in England, pressures due to increase substantially this winter.

    The devolved governments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh will no doubt have scanned Ms Coffey’s recent statements to discern whether this ‘new’ Tory government – with all possible fiscal and monetary powers at its disposal – would be increasing financial support for NHS England and thus triggering consequential uplifts for their budgets. This IfG assessment does not hold out much prospect of additional funding despite Tory rhetoric:

    ‘It is unclear, therefore, if the one million appointments announced (by Ms Coffey) today are really “new”, and if they are, the government needs to explain how they will be delivered WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FUNDING for more staff.’ (my emphasis)

    ‘The announcement of the 14-day target demonstrates once again the government’s reliance on targets to improve performance. …. The government has MADE NO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AVAILABLE for meeting this target and outlined no clear plan for how it will be met.’

    And on support for social care: “The government did make some steps towards this with the announcement of a £500m Adult Social Care Discharge Fund, designed to facilitate quicker discharge from hospitals and improve recruitment and retention of staff. This money should be welcomed in a severely strained service, but unpredictable and time-limited pots of money will not fix the systemic issues in social care. IT ALSO APPEARS THAT THIS IS NOT NEW MONEY AND IS INSTEAD BEING MOVED OUT OF NHS FUNDING – a decision which will mean poorer performance in another part of the health and care system.’ – and of course no financial benefit to the NHS in NI, Scotland and Wales.


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    1. So Coffey is just shifting the deckchairs on the Titanic then. Another conwoman, while really they are defunding the NHS and social care in order to sell it all off. Selling off public services should be a criminal offence in terms of law.

      Rather than the Labour party being celebrated, (I have had so many emails from rights groups congratulating the, sigh) and praised to high heaven for saying they will support ‘proportional representation’ (aye, maybe one day in a hundred years time) the people of England should demand to have a more representative administration at WM by holding more and many referendums.

      They could ask things like, should the (your) NHS be privatised? Should your railway network and trains be renationalised? Should road and bridge toll charges be removed? Should more social housing (affordable) be built. Should the rich pay more in tax than the those not so well off? Should your cities be kept in public hands or sold off as ‘Charter cities’? Should your water be taken back into public hands? (or would you rather drink effluent). That sort of thing, because Labour can promise the moon but a) they are not the lead party at WM, just a back up for the Tories and b) they do not keep their ‘promises’ as has been clear for a very long time now, a hundred years in terms of abolishing the HOL’s, blimey that’s some record surely. Just a thought.


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