Remarkably few ferry sailings cancelled in year of storms

From November 2021 to February 2022, we saw 7 major storms covering 12 full days with some of the highest winds in 30 years.

There were 7 431 cancellations in Scotland from January to July 2022. The Lib Dems have complained about these to the Scotsman but have, of course, ignored the weather.

Out of interest, how big a proportion of overall sailings were the 7 431? See this:

CalMac is the UK’s largest ferry operator, running 29 routes to over 50 destinations, across 200 miles of Scotland’s west coast. Our fleet of 33 vessels complete approximately 136,000 sailings a year with crossings ranging from 5 minutes to 7 hours.,5%20minutes%20to%207%20hours.

Do the math?


9 thoughts on “Remarkably few ferry sailings cancelled in year of storms

  1. I wonder if I could make a Freedom of Information request asking how much it costs each month to answer frivolous Tory , Libdumb and Red Tory FOI’s which are only for the purpose of trying to undermine the Scottish Government .

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  2. The Captain decides whether or not the Ship puts to sea, not the port authority, normally not Calmac and certainly not the Scottish government. Getting out of port and of course being able to berth safely at the destination are primary factors in deciding whether to sail or not.

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