Tom Gordon under fire as other SNP cancer waiting time target is met for 96% of patients with confirmed cancers

Leaving aside the fact that ‘Sturgeon’ is neither the responsible head of a health board nor is she the Health Secretary, the Herald report by Tom Gordon, headlines the 62-day target from urgent suspicion of cancer referral to first cancer treatment being met for only 76.9% of patients.

The above is correct but selective, in that the other target of 31 days from decision to treat to first cancer treatment was met for 96.3%.

Note that in the case of the first target, some will not have required treatment where, for example, there turns out to be no cancer or where it is non-aggressive and will be monitored only.

In the second case, all have a cancer and 96.3% were treated in 31 days.

4 thoughts on “Tom Gordon under fire as other SNP cancer waiting time target is met for 96% of patients with confirmed cancers

  1. The personalisation of attacks by British nationalist commentators on “Sturgeon” is both misogynistic and disreputable.
    It follows exactly the same path as previous attacks on Salmond, aimed at reputational damage by smears, innuendo and guilt by association (usually many removes away).
    In one sense it proves these Unionist agitprop drones have no serious part to play in debate, but it sadly damages public discourse, when actual journalism should enhance it.

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  2. The excellent service the SNHS gives. £150Billion (social care). All those ‘journalists’ try to lie about it. Everyone knows how good it is. They use it every day. Saving people lives every day. People support it. One of the best services in the world.

    The non Dom tax evading owners. Try to run it down. Lie, after lie after lie. MSM one of the worst.

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  3. #Scotland SNHS funded £15Billion (+social care). The Scottish Gov have mitigated the cuts and increased the budget.

    Westminster NHS funding £120Billion.

    The ConDems tried to cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020, Average of £4Billion a year. They had to increase it. £5Billion. They need or intend to increase it £5Billion+

    The Tories have intend to increase Defence £5Billion+ a year.

    Cut live saving services. Increase the killing machine. Trident etc.


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