Labour leader asleep at the wheel

Above, ignoring the SNP’s now longstanding position to the left of Labour on social policies, including child benefits, affordable housing and progressive taxation, that millionaire Starmerite, living-wage denier, Anas Sarwar feels able to include the SNP in accusations entirely appropriate, and only so, for his Tory chums.

For a quick reminder of the evidence that the SNP is the party of the left in Scotland, see:

Meanwhile in Labour Wales, working with Plaid in the interests of the people, the Tories operate in the old way, clear that they, not Labour, are the only nasty party:

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government, Sam Rowlands MS, said: “Residents all across Wales are paying the price in all aspects of society because of Labour’s ever-growing catalogue of mistakes and quality of life for many has barely improved.

“We are faced with cash-starved councils, a stalling economy, spiralling waiting lists and the chronic underfunding of schools have left generations without the ability to aspire and live a fulfilled life.

“And the blame lies squarely at the feet of Labour ministers – both past and present – and their nationalist helpers in Plaid who have sat idly by and failed to act as the problems escalated.”

Unlike the Scottish Tories, the Welsh ones seem smart enough to be responding to the threat they face:

According to a poll published yesterday by Electoral Calculus and Find Out Now, Welsh Labour are predicted to return to levels of support last seen in the mid-90s, taking a swathe of Plaid Cymru and Conservative seats with them.

The poll has projected that Labour could take Carmarthenshire from Plaid Cymru while the only other council in Wales predicted to change hands is the Vale of Glamorgan, returning to the Conservative fold.

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Sarwar or Ross of, it’s being clever.

3 thoughts on “Labour leader asleep at the wheel

  1. The Tories blame anyone but themselves having left a huge mess on the carpet, wasn’t us, honest gov! Bit like Putin when he bombs the heck out of Ukraine hospitals and nuke power stations and says it’s the Ukrainians doing it, jeez christ.
    England is a one party state now, and they no doubt want to make their ‘one country’ of Britainist a one party state, it’s in a state for sure, a terrible one no sane person would choose to be involved with given the choice.

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  2. Anas Sarwar the Rip Van Winkle of Scottish politics : as he sleeps , the Party of the People slides into obscurity .
    In his waken moments he endorses political pacts with Tories in councils across Scotland which he stated would never happen , which hastens Labour’s descent into pointless ‘also rans ‘ .


  3. True that “If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Sarwar or Ross of, it’s being clever”, but they think they are, and their bosses insist they are, it’s just the world which doesn’t understand.
    The greatest problem I have with Sarwar is that he treats Labour loyalty in Scotland as unaffected by his fatuous nonsense when in reality he is destroying the unity for which it was once renowned, only for his own personal ambition…
    He is not leading Labour in Scotland but destroying it….


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