BBC’s Naga Munchetty ignorant of Scottish Child Payment

By cuckooshoe

This morning on BBC Breakfast

“But when Ian brought up Scotland’s child payment – which was introduced in 2018 and doubled in March and gives cash to low-income families – she challenged him.

Naga said: “The Scottish government can’t do anything new at this moment in time so those practical steps are retrospective.”

Can’t do anything new?
Are they retrospective?

Take this BBC Scotland report

“How a family of 14 is coping with rising costs”

The youngest child is 4 months old and the eldest one is 17 years old.

In April the Scottish Child Payment doubled from £10 pw to £20 pw!

At the end of this year the £20 pw will increase to £25 pw!

There is also the increase to the age limit for eligibility from under 6 years to under 16 years.

It’s a very significant change for that family, and one which will have a huge impact in mitigating rising costs for other families caused by UK government policies.


7 thoughts on “BBC’s Naga Munchetty ignorant of Scottish Child Payment

  1. She needs to get an education and stop the heck telling Scotland and our very astute Scottish MP’s what they can and can’t do. Sick to the back teeth of these arrogant ignorant people displaying such (open) contempt towards Scotland and our democratically elected government and MP’s.
    Scotland get the heck away from this contemptous dangerous next door neighbour.

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  2. I did see that exchange, and it was clear that Naga Munchetty was not getting the “lead in” from Ian Blackford for the then resulting swipe from Naga towards Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Administration in general, Lets see, ferries, bin collections, on getting on with her day job etc.

    Ian stuck to his guns and replied in his measured pace on the Scottish Child Payment, that seemed to infuriate her more, plus her ear piece would have been buzzing 🙂

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  3. There is also the free bus travel for children and young adults up to age 22 introduced ,by ScotGov recently. This is on top of the Child payment of £20, soon to be £25. More research from BBC interviewers needed.

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  4. Usual BBC imperial attitude to Scotland.

    No context, no perspective, no respect.

    The BBC is in peril from its Tory overlords.
    They should not look for support from Scotland.
    They can rebadge as the English Broadcasting Corps—-the Daily Mail with pictures.

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  5. It makes no difference to Scots what Naga Muchetty says, those outside Scotland beyond the London MSM bubble know very well what’s going on even in England, the media mafia are imploding after decades of increasing attacks against, yet numbers FOR independence continue to increase.
    This is the ultimate irony really – After years of being led by the nose by the media in England over many years, they only become acutely aware of it the “Ye wat?” flag comes up over the aspirations of Scots.
    and their aspirations for independence.
    It really could not be more prosaic – Having convinced the majority of England’s readers and viewers that they are on their side, they blow it all to put down the Scots…. 🤣

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  6. The usual BBC script. From the millionaire tax evading presenters towing the line in self interest. The Westminster propaganda machine. Whirling big time. £5Billion for propaganda that would relieve poverty. Scotland spending monies relieving poverty instead of this arrogant, ignorant stuff and nonsense.

    Even the ex presenters calling out the bias and lies. They cannot stand the illegal bias any more, No wonder no one watches it. Losing viewers faster than a sieve loses water. The Tories party contributing to their own demise. One+ year left. Another IndyRef. To save the world. Scotland can do it. Get rid of the privilege low life ruining the world. Total hypocrites. Breaking International Treaties and killing people.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. Universal suffrage 1928. Independence by 2028, 100 years later but it is never too late.


  7. No bedroom tax, austerity mitigated, student support, increased nursery places. Kinship payments. Those in care given extra educational and other support. 100,000 apprenticeships. Life long learning. Increased carers allowance. Increased right to diagnosis and additional needs support. Baby boxes.

    Queensferry Crossing, AWPR, Borders railways. Building hospital and schools. £250million over five years drug/alcohol provision+ Increase in SNHS/ social care budget. £15Billion. More nursing places and bursaries. Renewables, wind, wave and water. Hydro. Fairer tax regime. MUP. Building or renovating 6,000 affordable rental houses. Etc, etc.

    Ian Blackford should send Naga a list. Or Naga and the colleagues should do better research.


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