All of the UK’s electricity exports and more are from Scotland

From TuS reader Golfnut, yesterday, the above which he suggests:

UK gov figures show exports of electricity as being 16 TWH, which just happens to be the same figure for Scotland.

Statista has it as:

In 2021, electricity exports from the United Kingdom amounted to 4.17 terawatt-hours, the third largest figure reported in the 21st century.,in%20the%2021st%20century

The FT has this also modest figure of less than 2 TWh:

So, where are the other TWh going? To homes and businesses across RUk?

And, what’s it worth? Well in 2021, UK electricity imports cost $3.2 billion so, the current exports based on Scottish production are worth several billions. Are they in the GERS figures when the line goes from England to France?


5 thoughts on “All of the UK’s electricity exports and more are from Scotland

  1. No, no. If you turn the graph upside down, divide by 16 and add 12, then, as any “top political scientist” would tell you……

    “Scotland is utterly in hock to the UK, dependent on their bounteous energy and their benevolence.
    Vote Labour. Vote often.
    If you cannot vote for Labour, then vote for Truss.
    If you cannot vote for Truss, then don’t vote at all.
    Yours in hope, Anas”!

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    1. It is indeed weird how they are so benevolent towards Scotland, when not known for their generosity towards well, anyone else really. At least they don’t give anything without strings (cables) attached pulled tight but in the case of Scotland the strings are so old now they are frayed and about to break.

      My son, when volunteering at a fringe event for a charity collection, said an old guy came up to them completely unrelated to anything they were there for, and ranted for ages about how Scotland is too poor and can’t afford to be independent. I said next time just say, I know it’s so nice of the next door country to keep sending all their hard earned cash to Scotland, so grateful, but you need to work harder and send more so we can keep living in luxury, it’s been so tough lately. Mwaaa!


  2. ”Whats mine is mine and what’s yours Scotland is also mine and we’ll charge you more to send yours to mine .” Energy policy of the UK .


  3. I’m glad you used the word ‘ suggests ‘ because finding rock hard evidence on value or quantity on Scottish and UK production is pretty difficulty. The variations can be extreme. Way back in 2014 a blog which some may remember ‘ Macalba ‘ made a pretty good fist of trying to determine just how much revenue was generated from Scotland. One example was the difference between what the UK gov stated as oil exports and what a European agency listed. There was a £7 billion discrepancy and not just for one year. Another example would be the £15 billion in oil revenue lost down the back of the settee just in time for indyref in 2014 but magically found once the dust had settled. I commented on another thread here that not only can we not predict what Scotland’s finances will look like as independent state, we can’t with any confidence say what it is now. What we can say is that it’s not what they’re telling us now.

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