Scottish Labour humiliated as SNP act again to make Scotland more equal, more fair

In the Telegraph today, we read that the SNP Government has plans to redirect the money for a £400 energy rebate, to second home owners in Scotland, and toward those who need it most:

Scottish Labour loves to accuse the SNP of not being left-wing, redistributive, enough in its policies but time and time again, the evidence is that they, beholden to UK Labour, sit to the right on a range of economic policies.

In 2001, SNP MP Allan Dorans listed seven ways his party have tackled inequality. You can read the detail at the link below:

What is Labour’s record on protecting those who need help most?

How about refusing to oppose the cap on welfare spending? See:

As for the Scotsman headline. Why do you think they’re taking time to spend this money? Could it be because, unlike the Tories, they want to be sure it goes to those who need it most?


3 thoughts on “Scottish Labour humiliated as SNP act again to make Scotland more equal, more fair

  1. ALL of the London based political parties are right of centre because that is what the electorate in England demand.
    If you want to be elected to power in Westminster,you have to espouse those values.
    This is the difficulty faced by their branch representatives in Scotland where they try to keep up the appearance of being socially responsible but not deviating from instructions from head office.

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  2. Neil MacKay in the North Britisher Herald, tried to paint “Scottish” Labour as left-wing.
    Yup, a party led by millionaire public schoolboy Starwars, public schoolgirl Jackie Baillie, and Union Jock Ian Murray–left wing?
    They dance alongside wooden puppet Starmer to the tune set by Rupert Murdoch for Blair and Brown.
    They prefer Tories to the SNP.
    They prefer subjugation to self-government.
    They prefer the HoL to democracy.

    During the 2014 referendum, they held hands with the Tories–a party which invited PUTIN to be on their side–and imploded their credentials and their party.

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