BBC Wales has an attitude problem – talking-up Wales

BBC Scotland have nothing on this. They’re busy with increases in E-coli in a nursery (Where’s Prof Pennington when you need a bacteriologist?), bin strikes (None in BBC Wales apparently), a sex assault, a serial rapist and cancer. They do have Harry Styles and a wee fox cub to cheer you up but, of course, nothing that might conceivable reflect well on an SNP Government.

BBC Scotland could have had this:

Covid infections fall for the fifth successive week in Scotland

They prefer this kind of thing, from March 2022: Covid hospital numbers in Scotland reach new peak.

BBC Wales operating, with a Labour Government, has a very different attitude to the news in Wales. See, for evidence, these:

There is more, much more, evidence of a very different agenda in Wales. If you need it, try:

22 thoughts on “BBC Wales has an attitude problem – talking-up Wales

  1. The interesting question is, why are they so biased against the Scottish Government to the extent that they decry our country so shamelessly? Are they following UK Government instructions? Or is the big boss connected in some way to the Tory or Labour Party? My guess is the latter. Over to you, John.

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    1. I think it’s now endemic in B.B.C “Scotland” iain. As has been pointed out many times, orders come from the D.G in London. They are the State Broadcaster, and as such must do what they can to maintain the status-quo, in other words, the Union. I believe their opposition to anyone who supports an Independent Scotland, is because they know that they are in great danger of Scotland, with all its wealth, voting, at the next opportunity, to leave their corrupt cesspit. They don’t sense the same danger with Wales, so their rhetoric doesn’t need to be so severe. But that will change, eventually.

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    2. “ Are they following UK Government instructions? Or is the big boss connected in some way to the Tory or Labour Party?”
      The answer is both.

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        1. I shouldn’t watch stuff like this, it’s scary and this was at the beginning of the pandemic, which has been a gift to the corrupt and greedy.
          Humans have lost the plot.


              1. serf

                1. A member of the lowest feudal class, legally bound to a landed estate and required to perform labor for the lord of that estate in exchange for a personal allotment of land.
                2. A person in bondage or servitude.


  2. BBC Scotland used to be like this; positive and gushing about the government (Scottish).
    When was this, you ask?
    It was when wee Jock MacCoalbunker (AKA Lord Baron McConnell) was head honcho in Auld Scotia.
    The BBC had a camera team following every move of the wee “Arran Fermer”, though only the good bits were revealed to the public.

    We had Wee Jack helicoptering round Scotland with Donald Trump (“all this could be yours”).
    We had Wee Jack muttering about the “Englishing of Scotland”.
    We had Wee Jack promoting More Devolution.
    We had Wee Jack fighting his corner against Big Bad Broonie.
    We had Wee Jack sending some of his budget back to London, year after year (Good Boy, Jack!).

    Then Wee Jack got “promoted” upstairs and the BBC in Scotland went back to full Brit Nat mode.

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  3. BBC Scotland did report that cases of covid had fallen markedly in Scotland, but then they emphasised BUT THE RATE OF INFECTION IS THE WORST IN THE UK.

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  4. BBC lies and cheating being exposed big time by their own employees. The shambles that is UK Westminster Gov killing people. The lies and propaganda there for all to see. The Westminster Gov is supposed to uphold a free and fair Press, Not a Gov controlled propaganda unit, MSM owned by non Dom tax evaders also controlling the UK Gov. Without a free and fair Press ther3 is no democracy. Unionists lies and cheating killing people.

    If the Scottish Gov could tax alcohol and restrict sales there would be less consumption and healthier people. Saving monies and healthcare costs. The UK Gov is a farce of mismanagement and decisions made to line the unionist political parties to illegal Gov funds. The reason people join unionists parties for fraud and corruption. Illegal bias of the MSM, illegal non Dom tax evaders. Funding the UK political parties for illegal gains.

    If the Scottish Gov could tax the Oil and Gas sector properly. There would be lower fuel and energy prices. (for parity) If the Scottish Gov could control the fuel and energy resources in Scotland Scotland would not be paying such high prices. Higher prices in Scotland despite being 25% in surplus and nearer the source.

    The Oil tax should be higher when prices and profits are higher. Lower taxed when the price and profits are lower. It is not a windfall tax that is needed it is for the sector to be properly taxed. Totally mismanaged by the Westminster Treasury, Scottish revenues and resources wasted.

    Scotland is losing £Billions because of Brexit. Whole UK Gov Accounts 2019/20. Published 2022. Page 35. Download on the internet. The EU cost nothing and brought benefits. Another fool, bad decision by the Westminster Tory Gov to lie and cheat to get into power. Now the complete and utter shambles. A catastrophe.

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  5. Labour (Lennon) did not support MUP. More people have died in the five years it took to be implemented. Yet Labour tell the Scottish Gov to do something more about Westminster reserved policy. The Westminster Gov Labour supports. Total hypocrites. More people dying earlier because of Westminster Gov reserved policy.

    Alcohol as a proportion of income is lower than 30 years ago. When people consumed less alcohol because of higher % price of disposable income and restriction of limited opening hours. Under (unionist) council control. To limit opening hours and licensing consumption. Tories owners giving funding to unionist political parties. Power and corruption, Bribes, graft and corruption.

    Ditto destructive food industry. Junk food, too much sugar and trans fat, UK Gov does nothing about it. Killing people younger. For illegal political funding. More junk food because of higher fuel and energy prices. People cannot afford to cook. Or heat and eat. Junk food is often cheaper, Than balanced healthy meals.


  6. and, after ignoring Scotland since the inception of the TV news, we’re now getting a daily ‘ Scotland’s Government is shite’ article on the evening news bulletins from both the BBC and ITV in Londistan.

    The British Establishment is now getting seriously worried.

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  7. This is for Prof john and the rest of you of course, related to a previous article.
    UK gov figures show exports of electricity as being 16 TWH, which just happens to be the same figure for Scotland.


  8. I looked up the definition too
    “plural noun: serfs
    an agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord’s estate”
    So hardly part of the ruling classes


  9. The installation of solar panels last year, on the rooftop and the carport of BBC ‘Glasgow’ has happened at a fortuitous time for Pacific Quay.

    I wonder how it has cost build, and by how much the installation has cut their energy costs?

    “The installation took 6 months to complete and made an appearance during the COP26 event. The 120kWp rooftop solar PV and 839kWp carport systems now generate an annual output of 822,600kWh whilst saving over 174,663kg of Co2e (first year of operation).

    In addition to improving the local air quality, the canopies also provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain for the carpark users.”


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