New poll: More than 60% want to take Scotland in a very different political direction to England

Looking further into the Ipsos MORI poll, of 1 000 Scots, on views of Scottish independence, with the survey done only 2 days ago, there is much encouragement to be found. The poll is being ignored by the Scottish media, with good reason, for them, that is.

Not only are the above results encouraging, when you recalculate with the don’t knows removed, we pass the magical 60% approval figure for some of the questions asked.

From the above, we get 61.5% indicating they want to take the country in a very different direction from England and 59.5% saying Scotland should be independent because we cannot trust England to act in Scotland’s interests.



8 thoughts on “New poll: More than 60% want to take Scotland in a very different political direction to England

  1. Nope. There will be the same gang of Brit Nits, composing an identical round-robin letter to all the editors of all the press saying—-“I would support independence………..
    BUT…..Argh! Sturgeon! Argh! Ferries! Argh! Too hot/Too cold/Too wee/ Too poor/ Oil running out/schools! Argh! Sturgeon!
    And besides that, Editor, whit aboot the dangers from outer space?
    What wid the nats dae aboot thay Aliens, if they hivnae goat Trident”!
    Yours conspiratorially,
    Jill/Alex/Peter/ ‘n aw’ the rest.

    (PS Gie us a rest!)

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  2. Went for the bus yesterday, waited forty minutes because, chaos in Edinburgh ;-), only reason I waited and didn’t start walking in torrential rain was because a lovely young man needed my brolly to keep dry (it’s Ok I had my rain coat) turned out he is a student from London studying in Edinburgh. We got chatting, he really appreciates having a free bus pass, said it saves him loads of money, and he said, ‘I think Nicola has the right idea about another referendum’. No time for big discussion but I was so happy to hear that, he is studying international relations/politics. Talked about catastrophic Brexit, and I suspect that has changed alot of peoples’ minds, he said he wishes 16 year olds could have voted in the 2016 advisory Brexit ref, because the result would have been very diferent.
    So good to know, very positive. 🙂

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  3. I wonder if we sent the link to the likes of the Sunday Post and others would they print it or maybe Reporting Scotland’s James Cook or Gary could tell his few listeners on GMS.
    Dream on no chance.
    Vote Yes

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  4. I am on holiday but am aware of the recent opinion poll. I had planned to look at it next week when I am home. This is super news. Now we need a few more to back it up.
    Encouragingly many people like to back a positive trend so let’s keep our fingers crossed. I noted the MSM picked out the one negative from the survey which relates to our perceived economic strength due to the GERS lie.

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  5. This morning on BBC Breakfast

    “But when Ian brought up Scotland’s child payment – which was revealed in March and gives cash to low-income families – she challenged him.

    Naga said: “The Scottish government can’t do anything new at this moment in time so those practical steps are retrospective.”

    Can’t do anything new?
    Are they retrospective?

    Take this BBC Scotland report

    “How a family of 14 is coping with rising costs”

    The youngest child is 4 months old and the eldest one is 17 years old.

    In April the Scottish Child Payment doubled from £10 pw to £20 pw!

    At the end of this year the £20 pw will increase to £25 pw!

    There is also the increase to the age limit for eligibility from under 6 years to under 16 years.

    It’s a very significant change for that family, and one which will have a huge impact in mitigating rising costs for other families caused by UK government policies.


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