Only Tories can leave a real mess behind

What row? Yes it’s Sharon Dowey List MSP for Ayr, again, accusing the FM of going gallivanting overseas. Will Dowey’s BFF, Liz Truss, know what gallivanting means?

Anyhow, leaving a mess behind, gallivanting overseas while there’s a crisis here. Isn’t that something the Tories do best?

  • Boris on holiday leaving the whole country in a cost-of-living crisis?
  • Boris on serial holidays as the pandemic struck?
  • Dominic Raab refusing to end his holiday while the Taliban were at the gates of Kabul?
  • Liz Truss taking a holiday from reality?

The FM is in Denmark on business. Labour/Tory councils, including the one in Ayr headed-up by Dowey’s husband, are responsible for refuse collection.


6 thoughts on “Only Tories can leave a real mess behind

  1. Last week the Express trumpeted”Boris is back at the helm!” over a photo of the fat gutted oaf returning from his two holidays, before “jetting off “ to Ukraine for an award, as droolingly reported by Matt Frei on Channel 4 News.

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  2. How much are these hypocrites raking in of public monies and expenses. Enough to pay their fuel bills on public monies and expenses. £200,000 plus? while denying others the right to eat and heat. Totally disgusting. An absolute disgrace. Imagine people in Ayr voting for these chancers.

    So much mental health problems. Self abuse and gaslighting by the lying Tory unionists. They will be gone. Others have to clear up their mess.

    Truss spent £Millions on private fights and expensive meals. An absolute disgrace. The illegal government contracts, unscrutinised, given to Tories and their associates. £Billions of public monies being wasted while people cannot heat and eat. Absolutely disgusting. Cruel and callous beyond believe.

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  3. Ehm, Johnson ? A cost of living crisis principally on foot of Tory party dogma dictating UK energy policy, and nothing can be done about it until 15th September ?

    Dowey is clearly trying to raise her media profile within the Scottish Tory cabal, there must be a by-election or a reshuffle looming….

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  4. “Labour/Tory councils, including the one in Ayr headed-up by Dowey’s husband, are responsible for refuse collection.”
    For the benefit of your non-Ayrshire followers, Dowey is only leader of South Ayrshire Council thanks to collusion between Labour and So called independent councillors despite SNP gaining largest number of Councillors,

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  5. If only the Tories in Government had all been ”gallivanting overseas ” for the last twelve years then the UK would be in a far healthier position financially , morally and mentally than we are now .
    No Government is better than Tory Government !

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  6. ” Liz Truss taking a holiday from reality” Brilliant!

    Also loved Macrons’ response to when she said the jury was out on whether he’s a friend or foe to the UK.
    ” France will always be a friend to the UK. Despite its leaders! “

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