Latest Poll: 57% back Nicola’s plan for a referendum WITHOUT UK Government approval

Scotland’s MSM are reading the latest Ipsos Scotland poll on independence as implying a lack of support for the SNP strategy of holding a referendum without Westminster approval or of using an election win with a clear manifesto commitment as a mandate:

  • The Herald: Voters divided over plan to use election as ‘de facto indyref’
  • The Record: New independence poll finds less than 40% back Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘de facto’ referendum plan
  • The Express: Nicola Sturgeon in new independence poll blow as support for Scexit vote next year slumps

With regard to: A majority of voters vote for pro‐independence parties, like the SNP, at the next UK General Election, but there is no explicit referendum on the subject? they are correct in that only 38% agree and 37% disagree. That is ‘divided.’

However, on: A majority of voters vote Yes to independence in a referendum, held by the
Scottish Government without the agreement of the UK Government?
47% (467) agree and only 25% (352) disagree. With a further 13% still to have a view either way, this suggests strong support for the strategy.

So, if we ignore the undecided and the don’t knows, 467 out of a total of 819 who made a choice, is 57%, a clear majority for a referendum without Westminster approval.

4 thoughts on “Latest Poll: 57% back Nicola’s plan for a referendum WITHOUT UK Government approval

  1. It’s coming. Another IndyRef that can be won. The Tory unionists on the run. Out in a year+. Wait and see. Roll on Independence. . Prosperity, equality and cohesive happy people. Scotland/Britain so much better off with Independence for Scotland. The Tory unionists finally defeated. Every politician that does not support Independence for Scotland does not last very long. Corrupt hypocrisy.

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  2. The colonial media slew polling to match their bias.
    Its why there has been a collapse of readership of the press, and trust in outfits like the BBC.

    99% of the media spout Bullsh!t.
    Publish lies and be dammed (by mair honest folk).

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  3. I notice the Express’s use of Scexit to imply downside of Independence or tar the cause with Brexit disaster. In reality we are seeking the normality of conducting our own affairs with all the powers that freedom from Westminster would afford us.

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