How BBC Wales works to save lives

BBC Wales, remembering their charter to educate and to inform tell readers what is happening and why, starting from the perspective of public health, ignoring commercial concerns and even noting the concern in Scotland about England dropping the PCR tests for travellers.

Readers will remember BBC Scotland’s alignment with business interests, underlying assumption that the UK Government should generally be followed and that Scottish Government justification can be left for the 19th and last paragraph.

This looks like a conscious tactic by those editing BBC Scotland broadcasts and by such as Campbell, Summers, Cook, Robertson and Smith. For the others it may be more of a culture where they just do what seems natural in that world.

3 thoughts on “How BBC Wales works to save lives

  1. Bias , bias , bias – the three tenets of BBC Shortbread when it is dealing with Scottish Government stories ( many of which should begin ” Once upon a time ..” as they bear little resemblance to actuality ! )


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