Larger survey finds 93% of Scots satisfied with their hospitals

Following BBC Scotland’s survey of 4 relatives of patients who may have died of something far more serious than water problems in two new hospitals and who may have been groomed by Anas Sarwar’s Labour to complain in the first place, TuS has surveyed its 5 655 followers to get a more accurate picture of satisfaction with NHS Scotland hospitals.

In a sample ten times that used by BBC Scotland, we found more than 70% very satisfied, 20% satisfied and only 6.8% dissatisfied.

So, we only managed to find 2 individuals dissatisfied compared to BBC Scotland’s 4. We’ll need to try their stalking methodology.

5 thoughts on “Larger survey finds 93% of Scots satisfied with their hospitals

  1. Yup, everyone in Scotland is satisfied with hospitals except—

    The BBC–Boris Broadcasting to Colonies.
    The PPC–Partisan Press Corps.

    DRossie and Starwars don’t REALLY count, do they?

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  2. The support for the NHS is absolutely massive. Nearly 1/4 of all taxes raised goes to fund it. £149Billion. Up from £139Billion. Average UK tax revenues raised £600Billion++ More is raised pro rata in Scotland. £66Billion++. The rest wasted and mismanaged by Westminster unionists.

    Johnston and the Tory cabal have increased funding £10Billion but have increased NI to pay for it. A tax on the economy. It will affect the poorer. Instead of raising revenues it through progressive taxation.

    The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Austerity and Brexit.

    People health and lives could improve with better UK management and policies. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Government intervention to improve people lives. A sugar or salt or fat restriction on the food industry. Soon food will restricted. Shortages because of Westminster policies. A higher MUP on alcohol etc.

    The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts and has better policies. Scotland would be better off Independent. With the full powers for better management and governance. To manage the Scottish revenues and resources properly. In the EU. The EU/Common market established after WW2 to stop war and starvation in Europe.

    The Tories unionists want more war and to starve more people. Defence (attack) bill increased £5Billion. Foreign Aid cut.


  3. Crockett the illegitimate front man wasting £Millions of public revenues. The biggest consumer on the earth lecturing others. Wasting £Billions. The Robert the Bruce legacy being totally misused and abused. Bruce fought for Independence. Not corruption.


  4. Reporting Scotland actually created a “NHS in Crisis” logo for their programme last night. Yet again, BBC Scotland is colluding with the unionists parties and the bulk of the print media in a concerted campaign.

    This is being used to divert attention from the imminent huge increase in energy prices, shortages in shops, the nasty removal of the £20 ‘uplift’ in Universal Credit.

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  5. I see that BBC Wales pages is leading with a similar ‘ambulance story’ based on the testimony of ONE ambulance service employee. This person claims that some ambulance crews are spending and entire shift waiting to have patients admitted to hospital.

    On the NI pages, the additional funding for Health and Care has been described as “Boris Johnson’s additional funding”. Does this man’s beneficence know no bounds??????


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