Sturgeon’s Glasgow emergency departments are a shocking 68% faster than those in the Norfolk constituency of Liz Truss

In June 2022, 71.3% of attendances at Scottish A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

In the same month, in England, only 58.8% were seen in 4 hours.

Scotland’s A&E departments were thus, 21.2% more effective (12.5% of 58.8).

Glasgow hospitals in the constituency of the First Minister were slightly faster than the Scottish average, at 72.4% in 4 hours.

The figure for local Norfolk hospitals, in the constituency of Liz Truss, was a shocking, ‘third world’ level of only 43.1% in 4 hours.

The First Minister’s local hospitals were thus 67.9% faster than those in the Norfolk constituency of Liz truss (29.3% of 43.1).



10 thoughts on “Sturgeon’s Glasgow emergency departments are a shocking 68% faster than those in the Norfolk constituency of Liz Truss

  1. This is from a press statement issued by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) dated 27 July 2022. It concerns A&E in Northern Ireland:

    ‘The latest Emergency Care Waiting Times Statistics for Q1 2022/23 (April 2022 – June 2022) published by the Department of Health Northern Ireland show:

    ‘There were 166,170 attendances at Type 1 (Major EDs) A&E services in Northern Ireland. Attendances are back up and in line with pre pandemic levels.


    ‘Similarly, Q1 saw almost 24,000 patients spending 12-hours or more in an A&E department, this represents AN INCREASE OF 68% WHEN COMPARED TO THE NUMBER OF LONG WAITS DURING THE SAME QUARTER LAST YEAR.

    ‘During Q1 2022 one in every seven patients was delayed in an Emergency Department by 12-hours or more.’


    I’m not sure how things can have got so bad in NI: after all, the SNP government in Scotland doesn’t have any responsibility for A&E there – nor for that matter in the poorly performing hospital trust in Liz Truss’ Norfolk constituency mentioned in the main post !

    We really need Sandesh Gulhane, Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole-Hamilton to step up now in the public interest. They must explain how the Scottish Government’s influence on A&E performances – which they endlessly decry – has been able to spread so widely across the UK. It’s a mystery! And while they’re at it, they can let us all into their so far secret solution!

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    1. Ah but …. the North of Ireland has a long historical connection with Scotland and a large proportion of its population is directly descended from Scots of the Ulster plantations. Ergo, it is to a large degree “Scottish” and, by definition, this equates to ‘badness’.


    2. Stewartb
      “”I’m not sure how things can have got so bad in NI:…””

      To give a serious answer to what is for the people of NI a very serious issue the suspension/virtual closure of Stormont for a number of years meant that, in the absence of politicians, Civil Servants in NI were in charge of the NHS in NI. As such they were limited in what initiatives they could implement and could not take policy decisions. The result was virtual stagnation of the NHS there and ever growing waiting lists for all manner of treatments.

      I saw a news item about it a few years ago and the waiting times were awful and now we have Covid on top of that.

      Stirmont eventually started up again but is now once more in abeyance so once more the NHS is without political input and the people of NI suffer as a result.

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    3. Northern Ireland, like Scotland is far, far away from London.
      Lizzie Truss thinks the further away you are, the less you should get paid, and the further away you are, the less notice the “metropoles” need to take of you.

      Out of sight, out of mind.

      Tin (ear) Lizzie is the preferred candidate of a whole bunch of “Scorrish” (sic) Tories.
      When she wins, she will have been the preferred candidate of them all, as DRossie and Jack emerge from their foxholes, blinking in the sun.

      “We always wanted you, LIzzie—you, you, you”!


  2. I’m sure the EngGov and political parties HQ’d in London will make sure to reverse the progress made by the SNP, should they ever get to take full control of Scotland again. Oh I felt a chill down my spine as I wrote that, brrr.


  3. This NHS data is an important addition to the picture. The tories have given up on truth but not their ideology, I hear once again the argument build up for taking over the Scottish services, “because the Scot Gov is failing it’s people and responsibilities.” (Rees Mogg)
    Scotland AE 4hr targets 71.3%
    England takes over,………58.8%
    or Westminster run,……..45.7%
    With Liz Truss at helm,..43.1%
    I think I have about got that, hard sell Moggy babe, hard sell.
    I had to arrange a visit to hospital yesterday. First phone call answered in seconds, notes taken. Then a call back, which was only minutes later (5?) and that was me admitted. the longest part in the whole process was waiting for the LFT result before admission. Any faster and it would have been before I needed attention.

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    1. “The tories have given up on truth but not their ideology….” and have ensured the media will ask no awkward questions….
      This gets to the nub of the problem which has so dogged England’s politics and thereby the UK – If public debate can be controlled or dictated by a media wed to, cowed by, or forced to comply with an agenda, where lies truth ?

      Typically in Scotland, your figures above would be vigorously contested by Tsunami Baillie and Disaster Gulhane and amplified in almost all of Scotland’s media, with hourly news features on HMS James Cook tearing lumps out of the numbers because of “ferry stories”, with “concerned” OBs from “In my opinion…” Campbell that Scotland was descending into the pit of hell for the umpteenth time in his BBC career.

      Scotland’s problem is neither it’s ideals, nor it’s successes, nor it’s political choices, but a media mafia committed to preventing the merit of them being realised.
      Sad to say, this has been ably abetted by a once proud Labour Party in Scotland because it’s boss wants a peerage to impress his da…


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