Scots athletes 5 times more successful than England at Commonwealth Games

Scotland’s MSM seem not to have spotted this striking evidence of success. The BBC presenters, including a Scot, have had nothing to say about something obvious here, as the stand below a giant screen showing the above.

With 10 times the population, England have won only just over twice (54) as many medals as Scotland (23) and so, per head of population, are 5 times better.

I suppose they’re too busy repeating how bad we are at preventing drug deaths compared to England, to notice this.


8 thoughts on “Scots athletes 5 times more successful than England at Commonwealth Games

  1. Just put in a complaint to GMB regarding their reporter saying, “beat Scotland’s Evans in 4th….”, in reference to Kenny’s gold in the cycling yesterday.

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  2. They really should just call it the English broadcasting company, the interchangeable
    Britain England con is just excruciating in the 21st century.
    The pretendy ‘Scottish’ English right wing media exists only to drag Scotland down and undermine democracy.
    I don’t even know what it is the Ebc and the people of England are celebrating, but I suppose it’ll boost morale within the quagmire that is their Brexit. Sigh.

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  3. The commentator in the mixed team triathlon, early in the race stated, “this is all about England” and proceeded to talk in glowing terms about the members of the English team for the bulk of the commentary. Scotland got a mention when Beth Potter on the second leg brought Scotland from sixth to second. The commentator spoke well of her and other competitors, but over 90% of his talk was about England.

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  4. We do remarkably well for a small nation of 5 million and the crop of athletes coming through are youngsters and at the start of their careers.

    The legacy and infrastructure left from Glasgow 2014 games is now starting to pay dividends and will continue to do so as our children no longer have to travel down south to access international standard training facilities.
    Note that Birmingham did not build a state of the art velodrome for the cycling.
    I am confident that Scotland will continue to grow on the international stage particularly when we get our independence and our own broadcasting media.

    O/T The UK Treasury has taken in £22m a day in North Sea tax receipts in the last 181 days.

    Think what we could do with that Scotland.

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    1. The centre for excellence at Stirling has played a big part, particularly in swimming. So much has to do with opportunities for a wider social range of young people to participate.

      The exclusive facilities in the private schools and private clubs if affluent areas are intentional in keeping the hoi polloi in their place. If you go along Anniesland Road in Glasgow, for much of its south side there are the extensive playing fields of the private Glasgow High School and Glasgow Academy. On the north side is Knightswood Secondary School with its single Astro pitch and small games hall. Knightswood also has the school of dance.

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    1. Thanks for the alert! This article in the Independent (2 August 2022) is based on something that TuS has been (rightly) banging on about for …. years (?).

      The NHS England metric for over 12 hour waits in A&E HIDES the time waited by a patient from first arriving at A&E to the time a decision to admit is made. As the article reports: ‘The “hidden” monthly trolley waits, not published in national data, have more than doubled this year in comparison to 2019.’

      In Scotland, the 12 hour wait is from first arrival at A&E to admission, transfer or discharge. The time difference from a patient’s perspective of the two measuring systems is potentially huge.

      I understand NHS England has plans to abandon use of these waiting time targets – see

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