Shocking death rate in England’s most dangerous hospitals, where Liz truss is a local MP, compared to that in Glasgow

Last week, I pointed to the shocking fact that Glasgow hospital A&E departments, where Nicola Sturgeon is a local MSP, were 68% faster than those in Norfolk and Norwich, where PM candidate, Liz Truss is a local MP:

Two days ago, I pointed to the fact that local MPs are expected to challenge failure in local hospitals but that neither Truss nor Sunak seem bothered to do so:

Today, we see that all of Scotland’s hospitals fall within the expected range of mortality and only one has a significantly lower-than-expected rate (Western General).

The Scottish average mortality rate is 4.6 with Glasgow hospitals at 4.2 and around 460 fewer deaths than predicted.

The situation in England is in sharp contrast, suggesting far great extremes:

Note the large number of trusts where the death rate is higher than predicted. This is failure.

Notably, the trust with the worst mortality rate, with 505 more deaths than predicted, is Norfolk and Norwich in which the Norfolk constituency of Liz Truss sits.

As Jackie Baillie might put it, should Liz Truss be getting on with her day job?


4 thoughts on “Shocking death rate in England’s most dangerous hospitals, where Liz truss is a local MP, compared to that in Glasgow

  1. It will have been noted that the main headline on the Beeb today is the ‘dramatic reduction’ in hospital treatment times > 2years in England but then moving to SKy we learn that there has been a surge in treatment times for those waiting > 1 year. The BBC again doing their level best to protect their masters.

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  2. It was also noted that when Liz Truss STOPPED visiting and speaking to patients in her local hospital mortality reduced . Just saying !


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