New Norovirus figures reveal Scotland’s hospitals cleanest and safest in the UK

Even in the winter period, when they spread most, Norovirus levels have plummeted to only 43 cases in the week-ending 30 January 2022.

You can see that this is even below the 2020 level at the peak of the pandemic measures and only a fraction of levels in period up to 2019.

News, I’d say and very definitely in the public interest to reduce avoidable fear of attending hospitals. The kind of thing a real public service broadcaster would cover, in the public interest?

For context:


3 thoughts on “New Norovirus figures reveal Scotland’s hospitals cleanest and safest in the UK

  1. Scotland’s own endemic novovirus – Jackie Baillie – won’t let this go unremarked . As we speak she will be adjusting her best sanctimonious face for an uninterrupted rant , with dodgy facts , before a BBC camera crew .
    ”How can the Scottish Health Minister remain in post” , she will cry , ” when such horrendous statistics show that Scotland is lagging behind the whole galaxy ….blah , blah , …”

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  2. Given how infectious Norovirus is then these figures are remarkable and certainly worth reporting widely. It won’t be of course but just occasionally good news does slip through.

    The other night Reporting Scotland did an item on the pill sized camera that can be used to check for bowel cancer. Simply swallow it and it will work it’s way thru your system taking up to 50,000 photos which are, if I heard correctly, uploaded to the cloud and then examined. No anaesthetic, no painful endoscopy/colonoscopy. Apparently 2000 patients in Scotland have benefited from this recently introduced system. Then the reporter said the immortal words: ‘Scotland is a world leader in its use’. Nearly fell off my seat. The BBC admitting Scotland’s NHS leading the World. Doubt we will see much of that reporter from now on.


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