There is a quick fix!

From Leon Thompson, executive director at UK Hospitality Scotland above, today:

He suggested lowering the visa threshold, along with some “creative thinking” around areas like the youth mobility scheme, which could be extended to more countries, perhaps during peak season.

Thompson argued that there was no “quick fix” to the issue and that the government would have to use all the available options at hand to sort it.

There is not a chance in hell that Tory MPs would allow any tinkering with the immigration system to let more in. Most of them are still pressing for stricter controls, sensing the frothing rage of their constituents.

It’s simple, Leon – support Scottish independence with a view to a tourism and hospitality sector backed all the way by the SNP Government. You’ll need to start paying better wages too of course.

6 thoughts on “There is a quick fix!

  1. UK Hospitality says there ”is no quick fix ” for their personnel problems .
    I am sure that Mr Thompson and his senior executives were campaigning to remain in the EU .
    That would have fixed most of his current staff shortages !

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  2. A Liar and a Rapist

    yesterday The BBC’s Radio Station based in Scotland broadcast 20 minutes of a Liar being asked questions.
    Today the same radio station broadcast 10 mins (at most) of The First Minister answering questions. The state broadcaster had to breakaway to discuss a rapist.
    The audience heard questions only from the Tories .

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    1. It’s no longer the HMS Sarah Smith station we knew and loathed but HMS James “We’ve seen the emails FM” Cook, 10 minutes may soon feel like a lifetime away…


  3. Scottish hospitality funds the Tories for unlawful licences. Reap what they sow. If they want more profits run a profitable outfit like most of them do. Pubs do not pay. It is (good) meals that make a profit. If they are not making a profit it is because people do not want the service. Provide customers with what they want it becomes profitable. It is the food that makes the profit not the drink.

    Tourism is booming why some are all ways complaining. Hotels are charging three times the going rate. Self catering booked out at three times the (normal) price. People cannot holiday abroad because of Covid etc. Restrictions to keep people alive.

    Pubs are closing, leisure clubs, gyms opening up. A change to a healthier lifestyle, especially among the young. Healthier lifestyle instead of early death.

    10 Downing Street Staff quitting before they get fines or criminal convictions. Looking after No 1 as usual. The dope on a rope left for now to try and pick up the pieces, A total bunch of lying, cheat clowns. Sycophant liars killing people off for political gain. Liars always get found out.


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