Scotland continues to have the fairest tax system anywhere in the UK
Finance Secretary Kate Forbes
From SNP Media: 
Scotland will continue to have the fairest tax system anywhere in the UK as the Scottish Parliament passed a resolution agreeing income tax bands for 2022/23.
As a result, a majority of people in Scotland will continue to pay less in income tax than if they lived elsewhere in the UK, whilst those who earn more will pay proportionately more.
In line with the SNP’s manifesto commitment in the election in May, income tax rates will be frozen for the 2022/23 financial year.
According to the Scottish Fiscal Commission, freezing rates will raise an additional £106m.
Commenting, SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said:
“In Scotland, we are continuing to build a tax system that is the fairest in the UK. The SNP Scottish Government continues to ensure that low- and middle-income earners have extra money in their pocket every month whilst ensuring those who earn the most contribute the most.
“This is particularly important as we face a Tory cost of living crisis as food bills increase and energy bills sky rocket.
“At the same time, the progressive tax system in Scotland means that everyone can benefit from things like free prescriptions and free university tuition. It also ensures the Scottish Government can continue to implement policies that make a difference in people’s lives – such as doubling the Scottish Child Payment in April.
“This is in stark contrast to the Tories at Westminster who have cut Universal Credit at a time when families needed it most.
“This is yet another demonstration of how the Scottish Government continues to support families with one hand tied behind its back. That is why the people of Scotland must have the choice of a fairer, greener future with the full powers of independence.”  

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5 thoughts on “Scotland continues to have the fairest tax system anywhere in the UK

  1. Let’s face it – a fair tax system has NEVER and will NEVER be a Tory priority !
    And given the legislation that Westminster is intending to emasculate Devolved Governments ( ”Territorial Areas ” !!! ) then they are hell-bent on destroying any fairness in Scotland .

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  2. This is very bad news for the English government. Imagine if word of this reached the English electoric!
    I was searching for a website I probably linked to here months ago, about and entitled something like ‘ UK devolution’. It was quite a fancy site, looked like lots of money was being spent and plenty dosh handed out to various factions so what has happened, it has completely disappeared, who did make a goodly few £millions and who paid for it? Interestingly the domain name is for sale, £9k, maybe we should crowd fund purchasing it! Joke.
    Anyway, I did come across an English government paper about UK/gov devolution, one written a couple of weeks ago by, David Torrance. Hmm.
    I’ll link to it when on another device.

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  3. The UK is the most unequal place in the world. World tax evasion Capital. Illegally ruining the world economy. Billionaires evading taxes worldwide because of US/UK tax regimes. Tax evasion not rooted out and exposed. Offshore criminality not exposed. Supported by UK/US tax regimes. A negative affect on the world economy. International illegal business fraud and tax evasion.

    Thatcher established tax havens. Illegal unfair, anti competition, business practices used to evade taxes. Multinationals (US) create an illegal unfair monopoly, overcharging and evading taxes. A Law unto themselves. Flaunting the Laws at every opportunity. Buying governments and leaving people destitute. Breaking International Law with impunity. Brexit. Tory corruption. They will get voted out.

    If Scotland was Independent there would also be control over economic management and spending. Scotland could become more prosperous, equal, happy and cohesive. The tax Laws could be used for fairness to benefit all.. A more equal cohesive society is also happier, worldwide.

    The Scottish Gov doing what it can for fairness. Being held back by Westminster illegal corruption. Independence would benefit Scotland. It could be like Norway etc raise £80Billion in tax revenues. Create a better more equal prosperous society where everyone would benefit.

    No illegal wars (Trns), financial fraud and tax evasion. Scottish revenues not used to benefit Westminster corruption and deceit. Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane (etc) kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years.

    The Westminster unionist criminal chancers. Now creating a proxy war as a distraction and diversion. Another wasteful military excursion. Some people never learn. The utter mess and shambles. Westminster governance a complete disaster. Another catastrophe.

    Only Devolution holding out. Another IndyRef that must be won on the horizon. For the sake of the world economy. Westminster corruption and deceit must be challenged or more people will die unnecessarily. One Law for the wealthier, one Law for the poorer. More shameful inequality, worldwide. The Westminster sycophants ruining the economy.

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