Sharp fall in alcohol-related hospital statistics

Line graph of general acute hospitalisation rates for number of stays, number of patients, and number of new patients respectively by year.

In 2020/21 the rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions to general acute hospitals was 614 per 100,000 populations and was 10% lower than the rate recorded during 2019/20 (681 per 100,000).

6 thoughts on “Sharp fall in alcohol-related hospital statistics

  1. Brit Nats will be disappointed that we dont fall prey to the firewater like we used to.
    “Dependency” is the tool they have used for decades to control us.
    Even when Scotland pumped hundreds of £billions into the London Treasury, Thatcher was telling us “how lucky Scotland is, to have a generous neighbour”!

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  2. Thatcher sermon on the Mound. The visit to the Church of Scotland assembly. ‘We the English people are generous to you Scots’. Taking the equivalent £Billions of revenues out of Scotland. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. To fund London ‘loads of money’ bankers. They fund the Tory Party. Shutting down every industrial facilities in Scotland. Scorch earth policy. Reduced Block Grant,

    lie after lie after lie. Liars always get found out, The corruption and illegality of Westminster. They break the Laws that they make.

    Thatcher, Unemployment in Scotland was 15%, interest rates 17%. Everybody were losing their houses. Encouraged to buy they could not afford the repayments as interest rates went so high. People encouraged into debt. To fund the bankers who fund the Tory Party. Fuelled the banking crash later. Cut leverage to half of reserves, worldwide. 25% of collateral to 13%. Changed the banking Laws. US/UK. world bankers. Inflation 15%. Prices kept on rising. Unemployed people were encouraged to go on sickness benefit. A higher payment. A civil war with the miners with often not alternative employment.

    Unemployment in NI 20%. The Troubles caused by Westminster. The illegal Partition. For unionist votes at Westminster, The only place unemployment was under 10% was London S/E.

    Higher public spending in Scotland is covered by higher revenues raised pro rata. Not by any generosity from Westminster. (Aka Thatcher). The Poll tax, social unrest and riots. The misappropriate and corruption of the Tory Gov. The Winter of discontent, three day week and candles etc. Labour illegal wars and banking fraud Tax evasion.

    Scotland pays dear for Westminster corruption. The public monies wasted. Scotland pays repayment on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland £Billion. Loses £Billions in tax evasion. Pays too much for the military and Trident. Scotland back far less than is raises in taxes and revenues. Decided by Westminster. Illegal Barnett Formula. No taxes without representation. A requirement of Democracy. Democratic right to chose taken away.

    Scotland pays too much for fuel and energy, for parity. Despite being in surplus and nearer the sources. Scotland loses £Billions to Westminster corruption, bad management and misappropriation. Brexit another disaster. It was only closer ties with EU that aided the UK economy. Nearest 450million pop market. EU privilege trade deals with the rest of the war. Lower shared Defence costs. CAP payments to lower food prices. The UK will vote again to rejoin EU. Once the Tory/unionists have made a total mess of it. Mucking up the economy, worldwide.

    MUP has kept alcohol consumption down. Less people dying. Scotland started at a higher rate of alcohol consumption. 25% compared to the rest of the UK. The gap has narrowed to 12% and is lowering. Leading to better health outcomes and saving public monies. Police, fire, social work. Prison service.

    Crimes are committed by people under the influences of drugs and alcohol. Drinks in the wit’s oot. Proper total abstinence rehab facilities cuts crime and the death rate. Prison £40,000 a year. Too many people on the spectrum are in prison. They are often not given adequate support. The lack of diversity knowledge in society. There is improvement, with higher diagnoses and acknowledgement happening. Talents and ability support through educational The ability to learn and educational support,

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    1. Re Thatcher’s ‘We the English people are generous to you Scots’.

      You might be interested in this wee chat between Kay Burley and Jack Straw yesterday..

      Nothing has changed..


  3. Ignorance beyond belief. The Labour warmongers. £Trns wasted. Millions dead.

    Sky losing viewers faster than a sieve losing water. Concerns about financing 24/7 regurgitated nonsense.


  4. O/T Robert Cuffe, the BBC’s statistics expert, made a lengthy contribution to the BBC Radio 4’s 6PM News this evening. He was reporting on the latest release of data from the ONS Covid Infection Survey.

    He referred to the latest data and trends in several English regions, in Wales and NI. On Scotland there was no mention. I wonder why!

    The latest ONS publication reveals that 1 in 30 people in the survey in Scotland are infected. By comparison, the equivalent figures are 1 in 20 in Wales and England, 1 in 15 in NI.



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