SNP accused of making Scotland’s hospitals too clean for Norovirus to survive ‘deliberately’ as 600 beds are closed every day in England!

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On behalf of the poor wee health correspondents at Reporting Scotland Down and at the Herald, I’ve searched and searched for evidence of a Norovirus ‘crisis’ in NHS Scotland. It’s just not there. Even Miles Briggs can’t seem to find any for them and if he can’t no one can.

You’ll see above and in several other MSM reports on NHS England and Wales, that Norovirus is rampant in many hospitals. In one case, the response was a dramatic ‘black alert’:

‘It comes as bosses at Royal Cornwall Hospital was forced to book hotel rooms for patients as space on the wards began running out. Details of the “extraordinary action” were revealed in a briefing note provided to Cornwall councillors by the hospital trust’s chief exec Kate Shields last week. Staff were ordered to reserve ten rooms at local hotels after the hospital declared an OPEL 4 status – previously known as “black alert” – on January 5.’

So, contrary the BBC Scotland reporting over the last year, Scottish hospitals seem to be coping very well with Norovirus cases. Could this be because they are actually very clean?

Labour Lord, George Foulkes has accused the SNP of doing this deliberately!


21 thoughts on “SNP accused of making Scotland’s hospitals too clean for Norovirus to survive ‘deliberately’ as 600 beds are closed every day in England!

      1. I was not aware that it was something he said years ago- and surely that makes my point that it’s misleading? I googled the news looking for it- and that’s how I found out. I agree it’s a ridiculous statement- and his constant interruptions of Joanna Cherry were disgraceful- but linking the two is surely the same misleading sort of MSM tactic? I think there is enough genuine and current grist for the Independence media mill without misdirection. I look forward to your posts as the National threads are simply trolls being fed by troll feeders. And Peter Bell- I take it from your sarcastic retort you’d rather I said nothing? Are you not also a regular on the National ‘discussions’?


    1. This is a good one though:

      “Ah so, my theory is, that if we could fight off the Romans for hundreds of years without any central administrative control – then we don’t particularly need one now – we just need confidence in ourselves, in doing it our own way – what is comfortable for us – instead of everyone telling us the ‘right way’ to do it – these right ways are other peoples’ ways, and we don’t need to to do it that way. Being told we are doing things wrong and we are powerless erodes confidence. I am saying we are doing things right, and the power of each individual person doing what they can, is the power of change. Complacency and silence is our enemy.”


      (referring to the above: it’s not about political parties, which we need for the political, I am talking about the ‘grassroots’ Yes movement)

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  1. I see no harm in enlightening those who have no knowledge of burbling George and his many contributions I fail to see why this is misleading quite a clever link I thought.

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    1. Because it not do that-raise awareness of an old and idiotic claim by Foulkes. Because it was written as if this was a direct response to George Foulkes. Had the BBC written a report like this- they would be criticised by all us Independence supporters- Robert particularly- and quite rightly so. But this report did not educate or inform as Robert’s post’s usually do- it misled. That is my point. It would seem that those of us so angry at MSM tactics ought just to thole it when erstwhile critics use the same technique? I shall have to continue my quest for serious discussion platforms. The National has become a Troll feeding station- wearisome and pointless to read. I have saved everyone of Roberts mails and enjoy reading through them. But like any Independence group I have subscribed to- I’ve been disappointed by this newsletter too. I we sink to MSM standards we have lost the argument.


      1. John has every right to create tongue-in-cheek articles on his blog – I think the headline makes it obvious it’s not serious, consider it more like reading private eye rather than the guardian if you like. And I don’t think we need every fact absolutely accurate, or grammar, it’s about alerting people to things missing from the big media outlets – facts and figures aren’t hard to find (mostly) once you know they exist.

        Who is Robert anyway?

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        1. Contrary- I meant John- of course. I see. Yes, it is his blog and must appear unquestioned and unchallenged- just like The MSM. 🙄 However- I signed up to this blog as I was promised the truth behind the MSM shenanigans ‘talking Scotland down’. I was simply pointing out to John that using the same techniques of misdirection- such as the MSM use daily- cheapens and devalues his excellent contributions. However acceptable that is to you and John’s followers-it is not to me. I have been looking for a serious platform where the progress of Independence can be discussed seriously, and opinions shared. I am sure I’m not alone in that. Or for asking it is done without resorting to the standards of the Unionist media. Of course John has no responsibility for informing anyone- but I genuinely thought that was the point of his blog, and why I signed up. But I will leave it now unchallenged by my thoughts. You chaps carry on talking to yourselves in your echo chambers. But I will tell you this FWIW- Independence does not need anymore echo-chambers. We need serious discussions, amongst the widest section of Scots that can be encouraged. How else can we convince the unconvinced voters who still suffer from the dregs of Project Fear?

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      1. Thanks,,,, I think?

        It’s was William doing the turgid stuff, I just watched the exciting video. And wrote down names and dates – that was hard.

        I’ve just posted an exciting lecture by Professor Dorling on Brexit and the British Empire on Peter A Bell’s blog, so I’d expect some more sarcasm soon if I were you.


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