Scottish newspaper struggles to say first cases of Coronavirus are in England

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After nearly every Scottish and UK newspaper and of course BBC Scotland, headlined yesterday, the warning that a coronavirus case is ‘highly likely’ in the next few days ‘in Scotland’, the first two cases are, everywhere, headlined as being in the ‘UK.’

The Herald does then tell us: ‘The patients, in England, are members of the same family, and are now the first people in the UK to be diagnosed with the virus since its outbreak.’

I probably shouldn’t tempt fate here but wasn’t it always much more likely, given the obvious scale of travel between China and London and the number of Chinese students at English universities, that the earliest and that most of the cases will not occur in Scotland?

Anyhow, based on our recent performance on Norovirus, I feel sure NHS Scotland is ready:

SNP accused of making Scotland’s hospitals too clean for Norovirus to survive ‘deliberately’ as 600 beds are closed every day in England!

Reporting Scotland Up reveals Scotland’s hospitals cleanest in UK as Norovirus reports halve here but double there

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