BBC Scotland’s everyday personalisation and demonising of ‘Sturgeon’

Above, today, BBC Scotland and BBC UK.

Then only hours later:

Based on a quick survey of recent headlines, only BBC Scotland refers to the FM as ‘Sturgeon’ while both BBC UK and BBC Scotland commonly refer to the PM as the PM. This tendency to personalise the Independence campaign, as with ‘Salmond’ in 2014, and to undermine the status of the leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland is at least subconscious bias.

4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s everyday personalisation and demonising of ‘Sturgeon’

  1. It’s a way of demeaning her , rather than say First Minister Sturgeon or Ms Sturgeon they always go for “Sturgeon ” . They hate her in the same way Thornberry does but can’t come right out and say it for fear of being charged with a hate crime , but we know that’s what they think ! .

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  2. ‘At least’

    Orrrrrrrrr, they could know EXACTLY what they are doing?

    But, I suppose, by refusing to admit they are biased in any way, total denial, so never examining in what ways they are being biased, because of an absolute conviction that they aren’t being biased, it can’t be a conscious bias because then they would have to admit to themselves they were biased, and they are determined to deny any bias.

    Even though you TOLD them the personalisation was bias – I saw you on video, I have evidence. Some people just won’t listen though will they?


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