Higher face-covering compliance paying off in Scotland

The 7 day average has increased from around 2 500 new cases per day to 3 500 but, crucially, seeming to plateau there.

There were 3 756 new cases today in Scotland and 54 661 across the UK making the Scottish rate, pro rata, 70-80% lower.

The most likely explanation is this:

Numerous research studies which have confirmed the value of face coverings, in protecting us. A large-scale study by Oxford University in October 2021, confirmed that People who wore face coverings or masks outside of the home, and were more exposed to infection due to their circumstances, had ‘significantly’ lower rates of COVID-19 infection:


and this:

Self-reported facemask wearing for those who have at least one non-home contact appears to have reduced below 70% in England, though this overall figure masks differences by age. Reported face-covering wearing has stabilised in the over 60s but continues to fall in younger age groups. The use of face-coverings has remained high in both Wales and Scotland (> 85% of participants), where use in certain social settings has remained mandatory.


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One thought on “Higher face-covering compliance paying off in Scotland

  1. But BBC Scotland News keeps reading out texts that ‘nobody wears masks any more’ and, even without bothering with a vox pop, Linda (Hello, Douglas!) Stalker told us her impression is that no one is bothering. This is news gathering in Scotland.

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