Thin blue line still robust as only 4% of cops off

Daily Record

I wonder who is having the fears of a crimewave?

The Scottish Conservatives’ shadow community safety minister Russell Findlay said: “These absence rates, although unconfirmed, are concerning.

“The thin blue line is already severely stretched and the last thing anyone wants is a reduction in officers leading to a Christmas crimewave.

“If there’s any risk to the delivery of operational policing, people deserve to know. The SNP government must give urgent consideration to exempting officers from the new self-isolation rules.”

Scotland’s crime has been plummeting for years now, we have 17 283 police officers, with only 700 of sick due to Covid.

There are only 223 officers per 100 000 people in England and Wales but 315 officers per 100 000, in Scotland:

8 thoughts on “Thin blue line still robust as only 4% of cops off

  1. The ‘big number quoted without context’ fallacy.

    I thought the Record was supposed to be a Labour paper, but, since there is no real difference between Labour and the Tories in Scotland and since the latter funds the former via Scotland in Union, then it is no surprise that The Record published this. Of course, for the Mirror Group, supporting Labour was essentially about going for market share and not political ideology, as a neighbour, a former ‘Father of Chapel’ got the National Union of Journalists at the Record told me on several occasions.

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  2. Fantastic, great advert for anyone wanting to go out and rob old folks doing their shopping, you won’t be caught because according to the Tories, there care no bobbies around! Wanna break in and steal the crimbo presis? No problem, you won’t be caught because there are no bobbies about! Always fancied nicking a car? Now’s your chance!
    The Tories eh, their masters in London reduced cop numbers by 20k or more in England, and here they are in Scotland, not sleeping a wink poor things just in case there is a ‘Christmas crime wave’, aww bless.
    I think we all know who the real criminals are, and they occupy the high seat at Westminster.
    The Tories in Scotland would like nothing better than to see people suffer, so that they can really shout their troughing lying heads off at fmq’s. As if they give one iota of care for anyone but themselves.


  3. The desperation of the Tories to grasp any vaguely negative implication for SG takes Findlay firmly into Grinch territory, the only “thin blue line is already severely stretched” here is Findlay’s patter with his “Christmas crimewave” nonsense.

    He will doubtless next fret the Police are unable to identify the traditional masked burglar with so many others masked in the street, made all the more difficult by them having ditched the traditional striped pullover and SWAG bag…

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    1. Ha ha, brilliant Bob, ‘traditional masked burglar’! I know, now it’s winter people are wearing masks and hats and scarves, going round singing Christmas carols, with no cops to apprehend them, a terrible ‘Christmas crime wave’, and the blame can be laid right at that SNPs’ door! Tra la la la la la…


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