Massive improvement in Scotland’s bathing water quality

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Making it just onto BBC Scotland’s website and maybe, maybe not, onto reporting Scotland, we see from SEPA:

1 out of 85 sites passed, 1.17%, so BBC Scotland have rounded that down as you would.

They do mention that the 32 excellent sites is the highest in the past six years but not that it is nearly twice the 2015/16 number.

They do mention than only 1 site failed but not the massive improvement from 17 down to 1.

DEFRA claim for England, 93% excellent or good, up from only 28%, 30 years ago, compared to only 67% in Scotland. Why am I less than convinced? Have the Cons improved water quality there by just changing the standards? Not entirely lethal is now Good?

In a telling comment below their claims:

Ray Walton posted on 02 June 2021: Don’t agree….Hence, why UK rivers now ‘fail’ chemical and water quality standards mainly due to the EA/DEFRA hierarchy ‘deliberately and continuously’ lowering standards, changing monitoring formats to suit/cover up their failings and by moving the pollution goalposts…outwards, to tick their own boxes. Nothing’s ever changed since privatisation in 1989 and it has got worse. It all ends up in the Sea and on Beaches. Untreated Raw Sewage is also directly discharged into the sea…. all authorised and permitted by the EA. What about the disease contamination and infection risks(including Covid-19 and its variants) to the public and all river and sea users. Surely, you have a ‘Duty of Care’ regarding public ‘Heath and Safety’. from discharged untreated Raw Sewage, which you yourselves authorise and permit?

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4 thoughts on “Massive improvement in Scotland’s bathing water quality

  1. Swimming at Brighton in a sea of turds,
    Pristine water?, Don’t be absurd.
    Dived in through a yellow crusty curd.
    Avoid the dead and dying birds.
    Defra? Should all be interred!

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  2. Scotland despite now being out of the EU
    against our will
    Makes strenuous efforts to maintain and comply with EU legislation
    Meanwhile England knew full well that upon Brexit that they would be exempt
    From all environmental EU rules,more so if you take into account they would have been confronted with huge fines for severe breaches of water and air quality
    Enough said as this goes a long way to explaining ABC ( BBC ) reporting
    And not daring to mention that Banned
    Word BREXIT

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  3. It has been edited to read that 99% reach the standard.

    The big thing BBC Scotland wants is for schools to close NOW. It is a call from the EIS, but, they had the SSTA Secretary on – and, since they want teachers paid without actually teaching or going in to school, that was no surprise, and he claimed, ‘teachers are on their knees’, and that ‘missing education does not matter much’

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