98% of hospitality bosses cannot even say ‘epidemiologist.’

Isn’t that the photo for the pigeon poo fungus scam?

Hospitality firms have accused Nicola Sturgeon of “shutting down” the industry in Scotland, with the Scottish government criticised for failing to consult before announcing fresh restrictions on trade last week.

Sturgeon warned of further restrictions in the coming days after she called on employers last Friday to cancel Christmas parties and urged people not to socialise over the holiday. She also announced that household contacts of confirmed coronavirus cases would have to self-isolate for ten days regardless of vaccine status or a negative test result.


What would these club owners and bar stewards have her do? Sacrifice a few thousand to death or long-Covid, in return for the short-term profits they do their best to avoid being taxed on and let a few parteee?

Who is the spokesperson for this industry. This guy?


Does Scotland have epidemiologists working in hospitality? Do the other 3 countries have none? Trying searching for reports of hospitality bosses trying to run pandemic measures in England, Wales in NI.

Why don’t BBC Scotland reporters ask folk like the guy above, what is the name for people actually qualified after many years of education, to search for the cause of disease, identify people who are at risk, determine how to control or stop the spread or prevent it from happening again. Can they even pronounce it?

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15 thoughts on “98% of hospitality bosses cannot even say ‘epidemiologist.’

  1. The virus should have given the hospitality trade more notice before it mutated or perhaps even permission to do so in the first place.
    Sympathy with the businesses which are going to suffer due to loss of socialising but blaming the SG for this is rediculous.
    They should he demanding support from the people who control furlough payments and not those who don’t.

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    1. Yep, the English government are offering no ‘support’ for businesses losing out or that could lose out if this virus keeps spreading. The Tories will be laughing their heads off, ha ha ha Scotland has no money for furlough and we control their purse, lol lol lol! Oh and if Covid creates a SNHS crisis it’s a win win for the EngGov, and their BritNat media will call for SNP resignations galore!

      Dear Mr. PM or whoever takes the reins (terrificly terrifying Truss?) after you have to spend more time with the family lol, can you please send ‘support’ in the form of some of Scotland’s own money for furlough and a bit ‘extra ‘support’ in the form of some more spondoolies, ie, Scotland’s own money that you take, (thieve) from the people of Scotland, thanks very muchly for your charity, such kind and generous ‘support’, says no one at all in Scotland!

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  2. The Guardian reported yesterday upon requests from readers who had recently tested + for covid
    And what stuck out was that ranging from Birthday celebration meals out
    To social gatherings up to 100 number
    That within 2 days after large numbers of attendees fell to covid
    In some instances 100% so
    And most at 70 to 80 % did
    Nonetheless and beyond doubt it had to be Omicron giving the fact that no more than only 2 days passed before falling ill
    Not all were confirmed as Omicron
    Because in England over 50 % of PCR tests cannot detect Omicron
    With regards the Hospitality Managers and the nefarious reporting of BBC ( ABC)
    I now rest the case against you and for the Jury to deliver their verdict
    Upon which we the Scottish people can pass sentence

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  3. If this guy really used that term ”Hitler NS ” then he should NOT be seen anywhere near a Public Broadcaster or a mainstream newspaper !

    Is this the language ANYONE should be using in this pandemic simply because he disagrees with the ELECTED Government ?
    Who elected him to his position as a ”representative of the Hospitality industry ” ?

    And do the Better Together adherents , Tory , Labour , Lib Dem , agree with someone coupling their hashtag with such emotive and controversial views ?

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    1. James Mills
      If the said individual indeed did utter
      “Hilter NS ”
      If such were uttered in Germany
      He would now be incarcerated within a prison cell.

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  4. All you have to read “Hospitality firms have accused Nicola Sturgeon” to see Mundell and mini-Mundell’s pal from Lockerbie twitching the curtains…
    Curiosity was aroused by your featured Tweet, is this the one he claimed had been hacked ?
    Odd that said Hacker had copied in both Turdo and his local buddy and Councillor Gail Macgregor https://twitter.com/tenacioustory, what an incredibly stupid thing to for a hacker to do… Or an ex squaddie…

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  5. The hospitality brigade of health experts will be all over Repressing Scotland tonight—same as any other night.
    For the last 18 months, Hospitality Bosses has been on BBC Hootsmon, to complain about masks, social distancing, close-downs, standing at the bar—then they wonder why they cannot get staff to work for them, when they put their staff front and centre in a pandemic? All for money.

    When did you last see a doctor or nurse being interviewed on this putrid Brit Nit news-management show?

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