You have to stretch things to bursting to blame the SNP for this

It’s about the loss of human rights due to UK Government actions; about global vaccination inequality and later about poverty in Scotland so that’s why they’ve gone for the two above rather than those responsible, Johnson, Patel or that horrific cigar-chomping woman at the DWP.

My GP has warned me not to look at McKenna but sometimes the Herald pushes him and pretends he’s some kind of ‘premium.’

There’s not a word of the SNP Government’s achievements in keeping Covid deaths and infections in UK.

There’s no mention of the SNP’s strong support for retaining the human rights act, unchanged, or of their repeated attacks in the House on Patel and Johnson while Starmer does FA.

There’s no mention of the Crisis report revealing serious (on the street) homelessness to be only half in Scotland of that in England.

There’s no mention of the, unique to Scotland, Child Benefit, doubled and, according to the Joseph Rowntree Trust likely to massively reduce child poverty here, already the lowest in the UK.

I can, you can, of course, source all of that.

There is whole range of other actions by the SNP Government, to make this a better place for all of us, which I’ve reported before. It’s really hard to see how supposed independence supporter, McKenna might think he’s helping.

Finally, is McKenna actually prompted here by a kind of empathy for Johnson?

7 thoughts on “You have to stretch things to bursting to blame the SNP for this

  1. Here us how rotten to the corevBoris really is.
    Omicron has arisen purely and simply
    Due to very low vaccination rates particularly in Africa
    The UN/ WHO prior Omicron pleaded with US, EU,China,Russia and the UK
    To at the very very least give Free of Charge the recipe for their vaccines to The Countries who had the Technology and facilities to mass produce covid vaccines, such as India, S.Africa, Brazil
    And a good few others
    Here is the response given by each that received the plea
    1.J.Biden was very sympathetic and most
    Willing to respond positively if all others can agree
    2.EU concurred with USA
    3.Both China and Russia said they would
    But the West must also agree
    Now for the UK and the response of Boris
    A very firm NO
    I leave all to pass their own judgement
    Upon these mattters

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  2. You have to admire the chutzpah of McKenna – the Labour man pretending to be an independence supporter while producing the Unionist Playbook Propaganda at every opportunity .
    The Janus of the Scottish newspaper world ( although without the Roman God’s good points ) !

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  3. What Kevin’s ” Let’s save our fury for something worse than Downing Street parties” headline misses is that Scots have repeatedly done so long before Johnson’s latest embarrassment was revealed – From the BBCS and Labour QEUH conjured farce to the propaganda wars against SG during a pandemic, to his continued silence over SG further accelerating an already exemplary and successful vaccinations program – Neer a squeak from McKenna over what was to the vast majority of Scots obvious, yet his Clients pay him, for a squirrel..

    McKenna hasn’t cornered the market on irrelevance, but he’s assuredly trying.

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