The UK government would also give extra support to speed up vaccinations in Scotland?

Down the page a bit, wee see:

The prime minister also said:

  • 42 teams from the military would be deployed across every region to help the effort
  • extra vaccine sites and mobile units would be set up across England
  • opening hours of clinics would be extended with more appointments
  • thousands more volunteer vaccinators would be trained
  • the UK government would also give extra support to speed up vaccinations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

This is, of course, just another of his big promises, off-the-scale like his ‘world-beating’ testing and tracing programme, and utterly dependent on things he cannot really control, especially getting twice as many vaccinators, or for that matter, getting twice as many lorry-drivers to achieve the only thing the UK can do for us – send more from the hoard we’ve paid a share of.

As for the extra support to speed up vaccinations in Scotland, let’s be clear he needs to do more for NHS England as they lag behind Scotland on booster delivery by 34.3% to 38.7%.

7 thoughts on “The UK government would also give extra support to speed up vaccinations in Scotland?

  1. At it again.
    The UK gov. implying that it is an at-arms-length benefactor dishing out alms to the dependent devolved nations, feeding the English belief that we are the recipients of their charity.
    It’s our money as much as theirs.
    Even in the face of a Nation-wide (UK) need, the Tories manage to make political capital. Totally disreputable.

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  2. ‘Extra support’. Phew, all the ‘support’ so far lol, and now ‘extra’, so grateful, so relieved, on your knees Scotland! Aww what a warm, cosy, unequal non country the UK is, bring a tear to a glass eye so it would. Scotland, be grateful for the ‘support’, you are in safe hands in the UKok, you don’t need that silly trivial Holyrood and useless Nicola Sturgeon to steer the ship, oh no, your lovable scruff the PM of the real government, not pretendy one, to the rescue! Woof woof woof woof, said the British bulldog, bearing massive sharp teeth, grrrr.

    I see Johnson’s ‘speech’ was reported on several international news sites, the saviour of the ‘UK’ and the planet to the rescue! Surprised he wasn’t wearing a superman costume!

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  3. Captain America–(sorry England), comes to rescue the poor, benighted Celtic fringe from Corbyn-19.
    His Super-Dooper Super powers of Bluster, Boosterism, Bullsh!titis, Brass-neckery and Bare-faced hucksterism will win the day, and even DRossie will cheer along with Pacific Quay, when the dead rise (after being piled high) and the unbelievers believe.
    “Touch the hem of my boxer shorts, and you will be cured”, he spouts.
    “Millions have done so, and there are babies to prove it”!

    The Men in Grey Suits are waiting to wheech him away, and Mother Theresa (May) will sooth his troubled brow with a poultice of vinegar and Belladonna.

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    1. gavinochiltree

      And When the Men ( mice ) in grey suits
      Arrive to wheech him away.
      Would it not be advisable to have in attendance a Nurse with a straight jacket
      Oh upon 2nd. Thoughts bring along a needle as well

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  4. Jackie Baillie will be most upset, her favoured “tsunami” in Scotland’s media now eclipsed by a “tidal wave” from the south.

    Your synopsis is on point, it is all about England, but to be fair it has to be given the successive cockups at the hands of the London Tories over dealing with the pandemic.
    If as is suspected Omicron sweeps all in it’s path, England is going to be in deep doo-doo very quickly indeed no matter how the media managers suppress it.
    Percentage difference aside, the sheer scale of the populace they have to get to is enormous.

    The propagandists will be relieved of course, anything which demotes the serial screwups and Partygate and Decorationgate down the news priorities will be milked to death, Johnson with clenched hands doing his best deadlly serious Churchill impersonation, “We shall inject them on the beaches…” etc..

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