Scotland’s Booster JAG programme only one in UK with chance of hitting target

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

Based on, for them, quite advanced arithmetic, the Scottish Daily Mail, have calculated that we won’t hit the end of January target at the current rate and that, they hear, we might not be recruiting enough jaggers.

Leaving aside, the thought that surely any soldier who has passed bayonet practice could be drafted in to save us, have they see this?

So, well ahead of the pack and climbing steadily.

38.7% in Scotland have had a booster while only 34.3% in England. There’s no sign they’ll catch us on the way to the line and, in Northern Ireland, heads must roll.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

9 thoughts on “Scotland’s Booster JAG programme only one in UK with chance of hitting target

  1. I look at the data daily. On nearly every level Scotland is ahead. It is their beloved England that will not make it. Having said that we should not be politicising an illness , any illness for political needs. Shameful,

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    1. Wales are doing quite well too.

      The breakdown of the figures by age group is interesting. We tend to draw level with injecting 40-49 years old, 50+ Scotland does better, below 39, Wales tend to have a slight edge.

      Something to do with approach to the way they’re offered?

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    2. True but of course the English based parties have done nothing but politicise the pandemic to attempt to undermine and attack the SNP.
      To give people the facts is not politicising it however and the fact is the ‘media’ like the BBC and STV and daily rags, are giving people very confusing and misleading info, my elderly neighbours said about the Covid message recently, ‘it’s all so confusing’. They voted against Scottish independence and watch the BBC etc every day and will not even entertain the SNP message on this hugely crucial matter. More fool them.

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  2. Looking at the English newspaper headlines in the newsagent this morning ( I wouldn’t buy a single one even to use as alternative bog roll ! ) it was negative , negative , negative about Scotland’s response to booster JAGS .
    This feels more and more like an invasion by an enemy who is constantly undermining the truth with their propaganda .
    Thankfully the newspaper buying public is diminishing like snaw aff a dyke !

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  3. And all because Scotland has a central command control structure for vaccine roll outs
    Meanwhile England chases the and plays the number game all so that Boris
    Can shout from the roof tops “World Beating”
    But one shuuders to think of the high % of unvaccinated staff and residents
    In English care homes
    Oh well I suppose you can just pile the bodies high upon the Streets
    “What you sow,tis what you reap”

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