It doesn’t Einstein to figure out what the Scottish media are up to

Scotland on Sunday

Which government leader can make a decision to borrow on the global markets to save the hospitality industry? Which one can put in another furlough scheme to save jobs?

While the Scottish Government can tinker round the edges and has done what it can, only the UK Government has the power to gather the massive resources needed.

The Scottish Government has requested the power to borrow but has been refused as the Cons fear it would further naturalise the idea of full independence. Labour and the Lib Dems will not go there either.

That SoS image is only the latest of many misuses of images of SNP leaders to implicate them in the failures of others.


18 thoughts on “It doesn’t Einstein to figure out what the Scottish media are up to

  1. Westminster has demanded the right to decide Scotland’s public sector budget so that makes them responsible.
    However,the present bunch of corrupt incompetents in London want to be able to decide things without having to bare the consequences.
    That means,someone else is always responsible for their failings.

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  2. First up.
    It is NOT the “Scottish” media.
    These people are colonial apologists and are there to keep Scotland subjugated.
    Their narrative is British exceptionalism and Scottish dependency.

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  3. According to DRoss it’s not up to Westminster to bail out hospitality as the SG have been given a massive increase in the block grant so they should do it,asked today to give attributes to Bojo his reply was he got brexit done.
    As Dross is against Covid passports in Scotland I wonder how he will vote on Tuesday if they are introduced in England or will he have an excuse not to be there.
    Imagine if our FM had said this.

    Boris slams BBC for ‘frivolous, vengeful, partisan’ coverage of Christmas partygate

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  5. Since Friday, the Tories have been pushing the line that ‘the SG has had its biggest block grant ever, so it should be giving that money to the hospitality industry’. The recent MSP and GP Mr Gulhane was prompted by the interviewer on Friday and came out with that line verbatim. DRoss trotted it out today, and, since Friday, the media have been prompting hospitality spokespersons to make the same demand. And, let us be clear it is an entirely profit driven DEMAND.

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    1. More than 5.5 times the usual rate for this hotel, owned by the Marriot group, for almost prison-like facilities, another example of Tories benefitting their donors, I’d imagine

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  6. “Which government leader can make a decision to borrow on the global markets to save the hospitality industry?”

    A couple of points on this: the UK gov doesn’t have to go to the global markets to meet the costs: it can create the money through Quantitative Easing, just as it did to fund the Furlough scheme of 2020-21. This money never has to be “repaid” as it was “borrowed” by UK Gov from the Bank of England, which is wholly-owned by UK Gov, so they borrowed from themselves. The fact that UK Gov then includes this mythical “debt” as part of the National Debt when “repaying” it will never happen is pure scaremongering.

    If England has to tighten its Covid restrictions to protect jobs there, it’ll happen here too as a result, but don’t hold your breath; Boris doesn’t mind the prospect of piling the bodies high. Meanwhile, Scot Gov has no powers to create a Scottish Furlough scheme (we could do it with our own currency post-Indy, but not until), so Dross’s demands only demonstrate his lack of realism in the face of a lethal public health emergency.

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    1. It’s playing on the political masquerade Thatcher so eloquently deployed to convince the public that government finance is “like a family budget”..

      Sunak is but the latest in a long line of chancers trying to eke out this fiction, but doing so in face of a catastrophic consequence to national health takes considerable nerve when folks are more educated to Thatcher’s analogy being a blatant lie.

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  7. If only England could find a way not to be beholden to Scotland, in handing the subsidy junkie Jocks England’s hard earned cash, it’s so unfair jeez the SNP are like gangsters, taking their cut from the English purse and handing them a few crumbs back, oh, wait a minute…

    I don’t suppose the BritNat media and the BritNat troughers at Holyrood pointed out that the ‘budget’ was reduced over the years, it was higher when the London HQ’d Labour branch office were ripping the people of Scotland off, during their ten year tenure at Holyrood. I still want to know what they did with the ‘block grant’ back then, aside sending £billions BACK to WM and plunging Scotland’s councils into £billions of ‘debt’ with their PFI scams, there is nothing to show for it at all far as I can see.

    Scotland is being robbed while shackled to the so called union and has been for a very long time, time to call in the auditors and take back the cash that’s been stolen from you Scotland! Oh and the stolen land, take that back as well.

    Why are the people of England not demanding their independence so they can keep their own money and not have to send it to Scotland, it’s weird eh. :-/

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  8. Completely agree that they don’t want us to have any more flexibility to diverge from Westminster policy.

    If Westminster were to “borrow” it would involve new currency creation which is not borrowing as you or I would experience it. It is simply an instruction by the Treasury to the BoE to up the numbers in a bank account. They may keep tallies in this or that fund but it’s not where the active currency is.

    If Westminster were to “borrow on the international markets” what this means is to sell bonds to foreign investors. The money raised is neither used nor needed to fund anything and merely sits in interest bearing deposit accounts. The spending resulting from this exercise is again simply an instruction from the Treasury to the BoE to up the numbers in a bank account.

    Scotland as a currency user not issuer has only one form of borrowing available and that’s the issuing of bonds. However, as we are not currency issuers we cannot guarantee the return (pay out) on these investments as an issuer can. Also we do actually spend the currency raised.

    Yes, we could increase the issue of bonds to collect Sterling spent by foreign investors but if Westminster won’t guarantee to back the payouts when they mature, we could be in trouble. No way knowing how likely this would be but that’s the deal. I would not want to be relying on Westminster, they are not beneath f**king with us.

    This is what is happening in the Eurozone as a result of Covid spending. The ECB is guaranteeing to back bonds issued by the member states in a way they did not before. Frankly they should always have done this and should carry on doing this. If you take away the economic levers from nations you have to provide access to them by proxy.

    Only currency issuers can’t go bankrupt. This is why we need our own currency as a matter of urgency after independence.


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