Zero tolerance for heavy-handed policing by cross-border officers?

10 000 additional officers arriving in Scotland have been warned by our police chief, of Police Scotland’s values and approach, including a commitment to enabling and upholding human rights.

I’m sure Police Scotland want to see no images like this:

G20 protests: Further claims of police brutality
Gravitas: Shocking behaviour by British Police - YouTube

I’m not sure that Conservative Leader Douglas Ross will be happy with that briefing:

In this outburst in Holyrood, Ross raised that old canard that the protestors would block ambulances when they have made clear that they would not and do not. As for zero tolerance, we saw that in the policing in London (image above) of a women’s vigil for an other woman murdered by a police officer and, of course, in the USA where it can mean murder.

I wish more folk had zero tolerance in voting for Douglas Ross.

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7 thoughts on “Zero tolerance for heavy-handed policing by cross-border officers?

  1. Priti Patel (AKA Senga the Hun) passed a law in Ingurlund to lock all the green protesters up.

    I wonder how many have actually been sent to the pokie?
    None, cause they are all weans of the middle classes.

    DRossie, in the absence of anything that looks like a policy, has reverted to the “flog ’em, hang ’em high, hang ’em often” solution to his poor ratings.
    I expect he exhorts his coo’s, when he talks to them, to be—
    “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime, tough on that Nikla Wumin”.
    “Nae cream fur hur”

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  2. Interesting that the questioner pretty much invited the Chief to respond with positive words about the police coming from rUK. I expected a more neutral answer from the Chief, but he made it quite clear he’ll not tolerate any nonsense. Well done Chief!

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  3. I hope that Cressida Dick ( what an appropriate name ! ) has instructed her visiting ”boot boys” from the Met to remember that they are acting under Scottish Law and not the responsibility free regime that she tolerates .

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  4. This is little different from say Denmark asking assistance from Germany for hosting a similar event.
    German police would be expected to abide by Danish laws and have respect for their culture.
    Of course,this is not the EU but England’s Union,so we verminous sub-humans will just have to take whatever England’s enforcers decide to dish out.
    Law and Order,Trouble in a bulletproof vest!

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