There’s ‘heavy-handed’ and there’s heavy-handed policing

In the Herald today:

NICOLA Sturgeon has been urged to intervene on “heavy-handed and highly disproportionate” policing at COP26.  Environmental groups hit out at “an atmosphere of fear and intimidation”, with a “disproportionately high” number of officers deployed and “intrusive police surveillance”.

I’m sure there has been some. Among the 10 000 bussed in from all over the UK, there will have been those ‘trained’ to deal with riots but Scotland’s police chief made it clear that upholding human rights was central to their values and that the heavy-handed form favoured by Douglas Ross in his ‘zero tolerance’ call was not welcome here:

We’ve seen clear evidence of heavy-handed policing form recent events in England:

If there has been anything like that above, wouldn’t we have seen the images?

I’ve searched but can only find heavy-handed rioters in George Square.

And this guy:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-27.png

3 thoughts on “There’s ‘heavy-handed’ and there’s heavy-handed policing

  1. I note it came from ‘environmental groups’ – an unspecific term. Such organisations have ‘rent-a-quotes’ who issue the soundbite catechism. When A Scottish Greenpeace campaigner dissented from a statement by someone from Greenpeace who had not previously been in Scotland, by stating that his organisations’ relations with Police Scotland were ‘constructive, this comment was dismissed as coming from a parochial who did not know THE REAL TRUTH.

    Vanity and pomposity exists in all sorts of groups and campigners for ‘good’ causes have their share, too.

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    1. Actually Alasdair, it’s not just pomposity and vanity it is most often ignorance and sometimes even a tad motivated by political agenda.
      I have had to contact more than one campaigning group in the UK to ask them to take down petitions. One of which had been signed by thousands of people, and it was against the ‘Scottish MOD’! There is no such thing as the Scottish MOD. I can’t remember which other one it was, but even high profile campaign/charity groups often refuse to acknowledge that Scotland is not same as the UK on many issues, environmental etc, even Greenpeace and friends of the Earth.

      I have had to tweet to a campaign group called ‘labourstart’ this week. They send me emails about the plight of workers around the globe and the assault on their rights to have unions to protect their rights etc. Looking at their twitter, they have a story from the Daily record calling for GCC leader Susan Aitken, ‘to resign’ over the bins dispute, all of course fed to them via the GMB. This will be seen by a lot of people, all over the world, and it’s not just misleading, it does a great disservice to those actually facing serious persecution because of oppressive regimes who do not allow them to have rights and union representation.

      This is where it gets worrying isn’t it, when a quite high profile organisation calling for workers rights, completely misrepresents Scotland, and the Scottish government, all orchestrated by a union in the UK that are in fact working against the best interests of the workers who pay their wages, for political leverage, it’s very underhand and sinister and wrong.

      It’s why the English Government kept full control of broadcasting and the ‘media’ which is as we know,are 100% anti SNP. It’s effective.

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