Scotland’s booster rollout today more than twice that in England and far ahead of that in Wales and N Ireland

With ten times the population, England should, pro rata, have done 660 000 doses today but only did 268 000, less than half. Scotland has been doing more than England for weeks now. Wales and Northern Ireland were even further behind.

BBC Scotland, of course, is no longer interested in our booster rollout. They liked us as a loser but now they’re scared that we just might win. Who sang that? At the bottom.

BBC Wales, by contrast, say loyally today:

Booster jab rates in Wales are currently the highest in the UK

Well not really:

Leonard Cohen, First we take Manhattan.

7 thoughts on “Scotland’s booster rollout today more than twice that in England and far ahead of that in Wales and N Ireland

  1. BBC Hootsmon branch orifice:—-

    “No, no…..boriiiing.
    We have to talk about why DRossie dished the Nats by ABSTAINING on the Patterson thingy.
    Why DRossie led his troops, some to vote YES, some to vote NO, and himself an Hi Jack hiding in the corner. A clever, clever ploy.
    (The Glasgow Tories hid up a lum many years ago. Same stuff!)

    So, we have on Repressing Scotland tonight how DRossie abstained BEFORE the resignation bit.
    We keep stoosh about the Whips Office being aware of the Boris U-turn and contacting Hi Jack and Drossie—because the public DONT need to know this.
    We DONT discuss the SNP refusal to back a ” new” standards commission. And Labour following them.
    We dont discuss the Leadsom amendment.
    We dont discuss Wallpapergate.

    This is BBC Hootsmon and we are LOYAL, and understand OMERTA!

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  2. Alness and Invergordon surgery being taken over by Highland Health board 1st April 2022 as they have been having trouble and I note that Rhoda Grant Lab soon making political capital out of it and blaming SNP without trying to find out the problem,also worried about the vaccine and booster roll out,no problem there having spoken to friends who say the booster is going very well.

    DRoss is a hypocrite.

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  3. BBC Wales often says quite good things about the Welsh Government. Even if the SG did something positive, BBC Scotland would preface it with a critical statement by the unionists and segue into “The SNP (sic) Government ‘denied’ this.”.

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  4. A BBCScotland article this morning ignores obvious reasons, and the speculates on several worst case scenarios..

    “Covid-19 in Scotland: Why are confirmed cases flatlining?”

    The obvious reasons? I can think of five, (three of which were introduced in September) that could be responsible..

    1. The decision to vaccinate 12-15 year olds from the 20th September.

    2. The wearing of face masks in secondary schools.

    3. It is still the law for everyone over the age of 12, unless exempt, (unlike in England) still has to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as shops, public transport, taxis, hospitality venues and indoor entertainment venues.

    4. The introduction of the booster programme in September.

    5. The R number has not been above 1.00 since the end of September.

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