Only 6% of Scottish GPs report overload?

…recruited across Scotland. In a survey by the British Medical Association, more than80% of GP practices said demand was exceeding supply.

There was a time when trade union leaders’ claims were reported more critically but hey BBC Scotland can just get Sturgeon or Yousaf to respond to this. Better still they can get get Sarwar, Ross or ACH to froth unconvincingly about it.

I’m not saying they’re not busy. I’d need evidence for that but, equally, I’d like to see evidence for their claim and some professional reporting.

First, the BMA are not ‘Doctors’ leaders.’ They’re a trade union with a rep acting in his members’ interests. The BBC like other media misrepresent the nature and the scientific authority of the BMA.

Second, the survey – can we see the sample size, the methodology? They report on gponline, 375 ‘practices’ responding, 41% of the total:

41% sample? That looks good but wait it could mean just 375 GPs out of Scotland’s 5 134 in 2020, up 89 from 2019. The sample could be as low as 7.3%, and thus only 6% saying demand exceeds supply?

How good is that 5 134 GPs? Scotland has a population of 5 440 000 or 54.4 hundred thousands. So we’re now at 95 GPs per 100 000?

And, third, as Alsadair reminds me, it’s a self-selecting sample.

GP numbers by UK region

This is two years old. Have things changed in the rest of the UK?

The Conservative pledge in 2015 to boost the GP workforce by 5 000 by 2021 ‘wasn’t met.’

BBC News October 14th 2021

So, why did the BMA choose to present their sample as based on practices rather than the obvious, normal, number of GPs replying? That’s an easy one.


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