Why are confirmed cases flatlining? BBC expert misses the human/political factors

Analysis? Hah! Fearmongering with easily refuted fake facts from partisan sources

From cuckooshoe

A BBC Scotland article this morning ignores obvious reasons, and then speculates on several worst case scenarios..


“Covid-19 in Scotland: Why are confirmed cases flatlining?”

The obvious reasons? I can think of five, (three of which were introduced in September) that could be responsible..

1. The decision to vaccinate 12-15 year olds from the 20th September.

2. The wearing of face masks in secondary schools.

3. It is still the law for everyone over the age of 12, unless exempt, (unlike in England) still has to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as shops, public transport, taxis, hospitality venues and indoor entertainment venues.

4. The introduction of the booster programme in September.

5. The R number has not been above 1.00 since the end of September.

I’d add clear, consistent messaging from Scot Gov and an, at least slightly stronger, collectivism as opposed to individualism here, compared to the Far South.

The expert, the unfortunately-named Mr Sleight, comes at this as if political or local cultural behaviour, as in quick vaccination rollout or mask-wearing play no part in a process from pandemic to epidemic and that it happens naturally regardless of human agency.

The enigmatically-named cuckooshoe states the bleedin obvious before I can get round to it myself this morning and is now offered the post of senior blogasssistant (lower case) on the usual SFA remuneration scale.

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Regular contributors such as Galloway and B are offered nothing, as TuS develops its Rees-Mogg Consultancy strategy based on taking advantage of the willing. ArtyHetty has yet to accept the post of Nippy Refuter of the Right-wing (Peripatetic).

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7 thoughts on “Why are confirmed cases flatlining? BBC expert misses the human/political factors

  1. Thank you very much kind sir, for the offer of the post of ‘senior blogassistant’.

    However I think ‘trainee blogassistant’ would be more appropriate since I forgot the most bleeding obvious reason.. the introduction of the vaccine passport at the start of October!


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