COP26 introduced with ‘Scot’s Wha Hae’ to comment on UK hosts?

In an otherwise quite fair report, from Reporting Scotland, making clear that this is a UK-hosted event which will expose its record on the environment, Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UNFCC, used an intriguing choice of words:

A Scottish Poet Robert Burns once wrote ‘Now is the day, now is the hour.’

She refrained from the full verse:

Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
See the front o’ battle lour;
See approach proud Edward’s power—
         Chains and slavery!

Espinosa said this in 2019

Congratulations, Scotland, for demonstrating bold leadership on #ClimateAction passing a law to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 and towards becoming a net-zero society by 2045. This is an inspiring example of the level of ambition we need globally to achieve the #ParisAgreement.

The admiration is mutual:

Nicola Sturgeon has praised UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa for setting out the “stark reality” of climate change for world leaders as the Cop26 global climate conference began.

She knew what she was doing. Will Boris get it?

The full Espinosa comments are here:

8 thoughts on “COP26 introduced with ‘Scot’s Wha Hae’ to comment on UK hosts?

  1. The one and only time Bojo shall ever get it
    Is when at least a 60% Indy vote hits him full in the face
    No doubt he will develop a permanent

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    1. Johnson is no Bojo, he is a calculating selfish selfservative and he will be in cahoots with his minders to make sure that Scotland is denied an independence referendum at all costs. The reasons are many but to add injury to insult, (I know it’s usually the other way around) now that he and his Tory party have totally messed up and left a big far stinking to high heaven doo doo on the UK carpet, they need Scotland’s huge resources and revenues to avoid further wrecking of what will be a total basket case ex and rUK, without Scotland.

      Their ‘Britain’ is already the ‘laughing stock’ of the world, and so Scotland needs out of their cesspit pronto, or be subsumed into the pathetic, backward looking insular isolated and disastrous so called DISunited kingdom. Anyway, shouldn’t it be united queendom, well until Mrs. Purr shuffles off this mortal coil, unless she is immortal, argh!!!!!!


      1. Artyhetty
        But despite his expensive education in The Classics
        Bojo makes 1 huge mistake
        And that is
        You cannot rule without consent
        And sooner than he thinks
        He and the elite for whom he is a performing clown
        Will be forced to say NO
        and I dare any to tell us we are not a people or nation and that Westminster is supreme
        If so tis the beginning of the end for them
        Full Stop
        All this is NOT NEGOTIABLE


  2. Cop26
    Should be opened with a rendition of
    A Mans a Man for aw that
    Most fitting as tis the only way forward for mankind now
    To brothers be the World over

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  3. Scottish Labour, the GMB and the cleansing workers should be ashamed.

    “COP26 bin strikes back on after pay deal rejected

    Bin strikes during the COP26 climate summit will go ahead after part of a £48m offer was rejected by one union.

    The walk out by cleansing and refuse staff in Glasgow will begin at 00:01 on Monday.

    GMB Scotland said Glasgow City Council had failed to give members “proper time and space” to consider the offer.”

    The GMB are affiliated to the Labour Party and they endorsed Anas Sarwar in the election for Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

    Does he seriously support their reason to go ahead with their strike?

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  4. For Burns night/day thing at school, (when back in the day being a patriot in Scotland, was about one day a year to play homage to the great Scottish bard, and maybe some tartan) my son learned ‘Scots Wha hae’ off by heart, he was maybe 9/10 yrs old, I was told by the head teacher that he was ‘singing it far too loudly and with too much ghusto!’ Not sure he ever got to perform it!

    I am so glad he was home educated eventually, this was a kid who could learn lines of a song or poem so incredibly quickly it was bizarre, but who was totally shafted by the school, the Labour council and UK/Labour administration at Holyrood.

    We must never allow our children to be let down again in Scotland, like they were when the BritNats were in power for so very long. As I have said before, my very long retired BritNat neighbour was a school teacher in the west of Scotland and he told me how the children had no self worth or ambitions whatsoever. Grr.

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  5. Cuckooshoe….Completely agree with your post. When the World is in Glasgow, Scotland’s image will be relegated by the actions of this Union’s decision. Of course the well salaried GMB (?) Union Officials will tell us “it’s the votes of the members”, all announced from their comfortable and well paid Salaried HQ. No chance they will search their consciences and help “empty the bins”! That wouldn’t go down well with the Strikers! Is it beyond the wit of this Union to delay their actions till COP26 is over and Glasgow’s reputation repaired with a settlement that can be agreed? The Workers, if angry at their conditions, most assuredly be able to discuss them with the Employer. And the Employer must be prepared to listen to these grievances….!

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    1. I moved address three years ago. At my previous address there were internal two bin stores. One bin store was used for the general waste bins and the other bin store was used for the recycling bins. However, to get the recycling bins emptied you had to make a missed bin collection report every single time. It went on for years. I dont want to go down the privatisation route but if it will help break the grip the anti-social GMB appears to hold over Glasgow, it could be a vote winner.


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