Did Scottish Labour betray Glasgow and beg the bin men leaders not to accept?

In the last hour, we heard:

Bin strikes during the COP26 climate summit will go ahead after part of a £48m offer was rejected by one union. The walk out by cleansing and refuse staff in Glasgow will begin at 00:01 on Monday. GMB Scotland said Glasgow City Council had failed to give members “proper time and space” to consider the offer.


More than two days earlier we read:

PLANS for binmen to strike in Glasgow during COP26 have been ditched after a last-minute pay rise offer from COSLA. 

The umbrella body – responsible for all councils in Scotland – made an eleventh-hour bid to break the strike deadlock today. 

Under the proposal, cleansing workers and teaching staff could benefit from a one-year 5.89% pay rise for the lowest-paid council employees as part of a £1062 rise for those earning below £25,000.

It remains subject to a two-week consultation, however, the bid has led union chiefs to suspend plans for potential strikes during the climate summit.

Drew Duffy, GMB organising and equality officer, said: “We have received a new offer from COSLA that will be subject to a two-week consultation of our members from Monday, November 1, during which we have agreed to suspend strike action.


The GMB leadership has decided to change their decision without consulting their members. Who has pressurised to them to do so, in order to damage COP26?

This man?

Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'not living in the real world' as Glasgow  cleansing row escalates - Daily Record
Image: Daily Record

This husband and wife? Karen Leonard, GMB Scotland Organiser?

Ade Cashley's tweet - "When @BBCGaryR and @GMB_union tell you that 4% offer  to Scottish NHS staff is political just pull out this photo. That's right Karen  Leonard of GMB is Richards

GMB members must be getting sick of their leaders using them for political campaigning. Here’s some of their previous:

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11 thoughts on “Did Scottish Labour betray Glasgow and beg the bin men leaders not to accept?

  1. The stupidity of going ahead with this action during COP26 after a pay settlement had been reached, really smacks of the involvement of Scottish Labour.

    It’s a last minute attempt to discredit Glasgow, Scotland and its Government by any means.

    It wont do them any favours, apart from allowing BBC Scotland on behalf of it’s sponsors, to try and feast upon the supposed failure of the SNP and by implication Nicola Sturgeon during COP26.

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  2. I am about to tweet this to COP26, hope some of the people involved read it!
    It does stink of some very underhand tactics indeed, disgusting because it is actually an insult to all of the workers around the globe who have no unions because of terrible oppression, in parts of Africa, and in Latin America etc. They really do have to fight for their basic workers rights.

    Not surprsing that this has been manipulated to attempt to damage the council of Glasgow and the SNP, but an utter disgrace to play politics when there is a world event/gathering to discuss climate change and the very survival of the flora and fauna of the planet.

    The real rats are definitely working against the welfare of Scotland and the welfare of the planet in fact. Just disgusted at this British Nationalist opportunism, it’s stooping very low indeed.

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    1. Art, totally agree with all you say, but there is more to be said. We must start from this dispute being one between COSLA and GMB. Glasgow CC has no role in this any more than say Edinburgh CC. Yet according to the Herald “GMB Scotland secretary, Louise Gilmour, accused Glasgow City Council of having “failed to give our members the proper time and space to consider the 11th hour offer from COSLA”.
      In fact the agreement gives two weeks for consultation, which, since other Councils dont seem to be involved, seems to be adequate. Just in Glasgow that after two days the dispute can be said to be back on again.
      In short the action of the GMB is wholly outwith procedure – which is that wage negotiations are a matter between the COSLA (as Council representative) and the GMB. The only “excuse” for this would be if there had been some action taken by the CC justifying this , such as threatening binmen with the sack if they dont agree to the deal. The best the GMB seem able to come up with is this
      ““The council has failed to give our members the proper time and space to consider the 11th hour offer from COSLA, and the fact the council moved to block strike action in the Court of Session using anti-trade union legislation, means there is too much bad faith among members towards the employer. ”
      Three things here – two days is not enough though the agreement speaks of two weeks. The Council used “anti-trade union legislation” to prevent the strike – very unlikely and much more likely to be COSLA. There is “too much bad faith”, which seems much more likely to be true of the Union.
      Will be interesting to find out in the morning, “why Glasgow only”, why not the rest of Scotland as well.

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  3. All from the highest in secret affairs
    To GMB Communicated through London Branch office of Scottish ( so called ) Labour Party
    All part of ensuring Sir K.Stammer becomes PM when the establishment think The Tories have went too far
    Know thy foes
    I believe they call it Democracy

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  4. The GMB , is calling on its cleansing worker members in Glasgow to strike for a week thus losing much needed wages from what are comparatively low paid jobs .
    So , how much of a pay rise will their union win them to offset this loss ?

    The rest of Scotland’s council workers , offered the same rise , will NOT be striking and will NOT be losing a week’s pay .
    Does the GMB expect the Glasgow workers to be given preferential treatment by COSLA ?

    And are the GMB union organisers losing a week’s pay too ?

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  5. The “Rats and Filth” BBC will be finding it difficult to find rats to film in our green and pleasant city. This is just to help them out.

    And a 5.89% pay rise! Jings. A lot of people would jump at any income at all at the moment, what with the effects of Covid and England’s Brexit.

    This verges on criminal behaviour. People could die from the health issues they will cause. But what do they care? Anything for a bit of negative propaganda.

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  6. I’m not dismissing the possibility of jiggery-pokery by malign political forces, but is the clue in “the council moved to block strike action in the Court of Session using anti-trade union legislation” ?
    GCC seeking Court intervention to prevent industrial action with COP26 imminent might make sense, but it’s unclear on what legal grounds GGC pursued it.

    With the COSLA/GMB offer on the table and industrial action suspended for 2 weeks only at the last minute, GCC’s prior court action could be seen as overtaken by events and should be suspended since intervention is redundant.

    If however there is an abuse in law by GMB which GCC still wish the Court to consider, there may justifications to proceed the case.
    In short, GMB may be attempting to bully GCC into dropping the case because of likely repercussion to GMB, hence the localised strike.

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