GMB and Labour trash Glasgow

On Friday, we heard:

Drew Duffy, GMB organising and equality officer, said: “We have received a new offer from COSLA that will be subject to a two-week consultation of our members from Monday, November 1, during which we have agreed to suspend strike action.

Yet somehow only 48 hours or less later, over a weekend when to my knowledge bin collectors do not come to work to inform their union reps:

GMB Scotland secretary Louise Gilmour confirmed the strike was back on.

She said: “The council has failed to give our members the proper time and space to consider the 11th hour offer from Cosla, and the fact the council moved to block strike action in the Court of Session using anti-trade union legislation, means there is too much bad faith among members towards the employer.

Therefore, our members in cleansing have informed us that they will still proceed with the planned strike action from 00:01 Monday 1 November.”

How did GMB members in cleansing inform them in that time? How many? By what majority? That’s just a big fib. The Labour-affiliated leaders just decided, as they haver done before, to put loyalty to the Labour Party ahead of their responsibility to their members and to trash their own city’s reputation.

The GMB’s Scotland Organiser Karen Leonard:

Ade Cashley's tweet - "When @BBCGaryR and @GMB_union tell you that 4% offer  to Scottish NHS staff is political just pull out this photo. That's right Karen  Leonard of GMB is Richards

The GMB’s preferred candidate for Labour leader over referendum-friendly Monica Lennon:

Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'not living in the real world' as Glasgow  cleansing row escalates - Daily Record
Image: Daily Record

10 thoughts on “GMB and Labour trash Glasgow

  1. Already commented on the previous article, but this ” Therefore, our members in cleansing have informed us… ” indeed gilds the lily of “there is too much bad faith among members towards the employer” with a flat out lie.

    Why however imply the Court case was pivotal ?
    The Court of Session case by GCC would have been tabled BEFORE the COSLA offer and suspension of industrial action by GMB on the Friday, and it was not just GMB members who were unavailable for the weekend but the Court.
    The GMB’s lawyers on the other hand…

    Aside any political shenanigans in play, this is a GMB management decision without any shadow of doubt, but reinforces my previous opinion they are attempting to strongarm GCC into abandoning a case of GMB skating on thin ice and know it.

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    1. By way of postscript, just read elsewhere GCC had suspended their court action on news of the agreement to suspend industrial action.
      If true, this leaves GMB management as the sole protagonist.

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  2. Politics is a dirty business (no pun intended) and these wallies are near the top of the heap. All political people put their needs first. It has always been this way. Play dirty, that is their motto. I hope this backfired on them and puts them in the poo.

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    1. I assure all that under Scottish Law as still truly alive but not well due the legal
      Profession willingly or unwillingly allowing such to wither on the vine
      ” That ones word is one,s Bond ” and all that is required is one witness ( Independent ) no matter what is written or previously agreed
      So the comment by GMB organising officer must now Stand
      And that is the only matter that should be presented to The Court of Session
      And I dare The UK Supreme court to overrule such or The London run GMB or Labour party to argue otherwise
      It is way past time now for our own law to be used as much as possible in all matters pertaining today
      The Edinburgh Lawyers who insisted on Scottish Law being fully incorporated into the Act of Union, are birling in their graves

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  3. I think it’s not difficult to imagine exactly what these Labour BritNats are trying to do to demonise and undermine the Scottish government during COP26. To deliberately orchestrate a situation where the city of Glasgow has rubbish piling up in the streets, is absolutely criminal when it’s clear it could have been avoided. To do this during a world event about climate change is just despicable. This assault on Glasgow and in fact on Scotland, during COP26 will finish off the British nationalist Labour party in Scotland. They are acting like thugs, vandals, squatters, knowing they are no longer welcome, so they decide to wreck the place before being booted out.
    Scotland watch out this may not be the BritNats’ only assault to cause damage during this event, it is indicative of just how these people despise the success of the democratically elected SNP, and how far they are willing to go to cause as much damage as they can, no matter what the consequences are to the people.
    Very sinister.

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    1. Spot on Hetty. I think it is sinister also, and sad. Interesting to see if the Beeb et al read John’s comments to get at fact not fiction. . Do’nt hold your breath.

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    1. Yep but try telling that to diehard Labour followers and it’s la la la la la, fingers in ears. I have said this to pals in England and they just do not want to know.
      Perhaps though they do believe that the UK London HQ’d Labour party are autonomous in Scotland. It’s a huge problem for Scotland to have political parties operating in the country, who are and never will work in the interests of Scotland because they are not ‘Scottish’ or Scottish based parties. Also who funds these parties, big money is involved and as we all know, money talks, and in UKok, money gets you a voice and a platform, just have to look at UKIP for that, Farage was never off the tv screens in 2016.




    Never trust a union rep JUST LIKE LEONARD THEY WORD


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