Allowing the Mail to Marr the good name of Glasgow and a wee Swede to laugh at our Queen!!

Leaving aside the Scottish Daily Mail’s Rachel Watson and her bad grammar displayed repeatedly, her one-sided, evidence-free, focus on disruption, refuse, rats and a divided city was used to suggest that pride in the City was misplaced because of these. No mention of Glasgow low position in the UK ratty league was made. Siding with the poor of Govan is of course, the Mail’s consistent leftie agenda. 🙂

To be fair to Marr, he did report that the city centre had seemed clean to him but later he revealed his established Anglocentric, conservative, mindset with this:

What is she thinking? Does she know about this?

Is she laughing at the idea of a grown man living in a 21st Century democracy appearing to care what a queen thinks?

How very dare she?

11 thoughts on “Allowing the Mail to Marr the good name of Glasgow and a wee Swede to laugh at our Queen!!

  1. The Queen was annoyed at not knowing who was coming. Then she did not manage.

    The biggest consumers on the planet lecturing others,

    It depends on China and India. Sheer scale of numbers. China had a ‘one child’ policy. It caused an imbalance in the population. More men than women. It did make China more prosperous, with growth. India is getting better off. With better healthcare system and free available contraception possible. The world population will peak and fall.

    The UK and US are still selling illegal weapons. They cause illegal wars and destruction. They should be investing in renewables and eradication poverty. Not spreading nuclear. Where will the waste go. A total waste of time and monies.

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  2. The rich irony for Ms watson and her fellow Tory chums that were gleefully predicting rail travel chaos a few weeks ago is that indeed the west coast mainline services between Glasgow and London have been severely affected by a tree (not leaves this time) falling on power lines at Milton Keynes leaving many Cop26 attendees stranded in London. (Snigger). Sometimes I think there is a God.


  3. I’d like to see Greta talk about weapons and how the making and usage of them is contributing to climate change. I’m afraid not sure she has much of an idea about the UK and Scotland’s situation within it. I have tweeted her before on what the UK means for Scotland, and how it’s detrimental to Scotland environmentally.

    I see via twitter that prince charles is allowed to speak at COP26, but not the democratically elected First Minister of Scotland. I find that abhorrent quite frankly and really quite sinister. Maybe charlie will be talking to the plants as well.

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