BBC Scotland reveals claims that Sturgeon ‘sides with rioters!’

There’s only one mention of the First Minister of the country hosting COP26 and a representative of the city in Parliament. The Johnson regime have tried to side-line her in fear of her superior communication skills and her government’s far better record on the environment.

BBC Scotland, our supposed public service broadcaster, has been following the line and and not her, ignoring Scotland’s senior politician’s presence at events and her official announcements. She appears only once in paragraph 38 out of 41 in the above report, with Johnson at paragraph 4 and COP26 President Alok Sharma at 6. Her announcement gets no mention at all.

The Scottish First Minister’s official announcement, published 2 days ago is full, comprehensive and essential reading for Scots who want to know what will happen this week in their own country. It’s being ignored.

You can find the full statement at the link below but, this section, I found heart-warming as, in sharp contrast with the Tories calling for zero tolerance of peaceful protestors, she revealed herself, once more to be uniquely in touch with most of the people of this country.

Scotland and Glasgow have a proud tradition of activism and of peaceful protest. In fact, I have personally taken part in many peaceful protests in the city over the past 30 years or so.

The city slogan is ‘People Make Glasgow’. That is one that I hope at the end of COP26, will be applied warmly to this summit. 

So it is absolutely the case that we – and I know this is the strong position of the United Nations – want people’s voices to be heard. We want the voices of young people of wider civic society and of people from across the world to be heard loudly and clearly by those around the negotiating table.

I was at the anti-war protest in 2003, when more than 100 000 marched to the Armadillo. Strathclyde police said there were only 4 arrests for minor offences. :

With a group of ten or so older guys, half way along, I ran to pee in a thicket. None of us were arrested.

12 thoughts on “BBC Scotland reveals claims that Sturgeon ‘sides with rioters!’

  1. “With a group of ten or so older guys, half way along, I ran to pee in a thicket. None of us were arrested”
    Luckily the Special Branch Officer hiding in said thicket had the presence of mind to hold breath and close eyes.

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  2. The London establishment are desperate to keep our FM away from public exposure because they know that she has far greater appeal and credibility with the global community than the idiot who presently heads up the UK circus.
    Not only appeal but almost certainly a different message from the clown in chief,so she must be silenced.
    Their problem is that everyone knows what they are up to and why,except for Daily Mail readers that is,

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  3. Didn’t see anyone from the Scottish government on the BBC political show’s this morning. Guessing they’ll be dissapeared as much as possible next few weeks.

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  4. Boris Johnson; After the South Asian Tsunami, “there is no evidence the Planet is suffering from extreme weather patters associated with climate change”. Leaving a meeting with David Attenborough last month he refused to answer question of Global Warming.

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  5. If you’re daft enough to follow BBC Scotland News on Twitter, you’ll be hard pressed to find out what Nicola has been up to. She has spoken at various events, and met various attendees, and nary a mention from the news where you are – they are far too busy discussing the potential for disruption, a Covid spike and rats.

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