Prejudging ‘chaotic’ Glasgow

‘Get a real job! I was 10 minutes late for the big game on Sky because of that wee lassie!’ Bobby Mitchell (77)

Ahead of a week of protests, the Herald’s Josh Carmichael (18?) knows it will be ‘chaotic’ and not, perhaps, ‘inspirational?’ For Unionists, anything the SNP Glasgow City Council does must fail and fail even before it fails.

The real chaos in the UK Cabinet Office responsible for the event will not come to light in Scotland’s media and the First Minister, deliberately side-lined by that UK cabinet Office, will no doubt find herself blamed for their failures.

Was that delay on one of the escalators in Central Station an early sign of chaos? Why did she need 10 big polis? Threats from the Glasgow Uni Young Conservatives?

Faith groups and pilgrims lead Glasgow COP26 climate protests

Was it these faith groups and pilgrims blocking the path, yesterday, but staying faithfully on it? How many faith groups? That’ll be theological chaos! They did start singing at one point. How am I supposed to mediate secularly with that racket!

Earlier yesterday, the Herald’s Josh Carmichael (21?) was assuring us:

COP26 protests in full as disruption continues in Glasgow and Scotland

COP26 Glasgow protests in full as disruption continues across Scotland!

Look! There are four guys there under 70! And some pink smoke! Call in the riot police! Thousands of them crossed the border yesterday fresh from pinning down wee women protesting a murder by a police officer.

In a dream, I saw the Glasgow polis normal, turning on the London riot police when they see them doing the same here.


Ooh, wait, this will surely kick-off! Glasgow Sikhs protesting against India’s authoritarian premier Modi. Why are the Glasgow polis not searching their turbans? Aren’t they allowed to keep wee knifes in them, like our skean dhus most of us have in our socks?

Nope, they’re just making speeches and clapping and staying in a neat circle. Don’t they know how to be chaotic?

The Herald’s neighbour, the Glasgow Evening Times with a report by the Press Association does it so much better with lots of fantastic images and no mention, not one, of chaos:

In wonder, what is the Guardian saying?

‘It’s the protests which are giving me hope’: activists descend on Glasgow

That’s an interesting perspective. I wonder, do you think the Herald’s Josh Carmichael (58?) would be interested in that view? Naw?

Finally want to see images of real chaos in Glasgow and no riot police from elsewhere in the UK apparently required?

George Square Trouble: The night our readers became reporters
Glasgow's George Square turns ugly as pro-union skinheads taunt defeated  Scottish independence campaigners - Mirror Online
Hundreds took to George Square on Sunday
June 2020
There have been chaotic scenes in Glasgow's George Square this week
June 2020
Four more people arrested over Rangers riot in George Square | Glasgow Times
May 2021
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-190.png

7 thoughts on “Prejudging ‘chaotic’ Glasgow

  1. I’m not seeing half of the photos in the article . . . . Got plenty of free memory some sort of Gremlins?

    The Word They Dare Not Mention

    An English fisherman was being interviewed on radio 4 . . . . The BBC man summed up the fisherman’s situation . . . “he used to land 80% of his catch in Belguim but for reasons you can probably guess he no longer does that” These reasons are B R E X I T . . . . the word they dare not mention . . . (In a negative context that is)

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  2. I’m sure you’ve overestimated “the Herald’s Josh Carmichael (18?) ” if referring to mental age.

    It can hardly be surprising “chaotic” should be the adjective of choice, with the rats no longer in demand for “quotes” in the Sun, binmen letting the air out of the GMB rat effigy, and even rail disruption stabilised, there has to be somewhere all that negativity can be repurposed.
    Short of Greta Thunberg glare at Boris (concerned) Johnson being captured on camera they don’t have a lot to hang this on, hence “protests” rather than “demonstrations”.

    Over at HMS Sarah Smith I see the Tardis is still being put to good use, the Lorna Slater Covid positive story still only 21 hours old on the Politics page lead, nothing more recent of political import has a place in their version of the news.

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