Pandemic shrinking only in Scotland

While all of England and Northern Ireland (wrongly positioned on graph) has an R number above 1 and thus a pandemic out of control, Wales is marginal but, probably, also growing. Only Scotland is recording an R number below 1 and, thus a pandemic under control.

Scotland continues to give more booster jags, around 25% more in the last 24 hours.

BBC Scotland, indeed all of ‘our’ MSM has no interest in telling you about this but they were very keen to tell when in early September, we had the highest rate.

5 thoughts on “Pandemic shrinking only in Scotland

  1. The colonial media does, what the colonial media does.

    On my street, a couple of days ago, a council lorry pulled up and placed cones on both sides of the road (which went all the way to the next village of Auchinleck) + signage that parking was prohibited. Signed of by no one, and inquiries got nowhere.
    One of the sign’s was upside down, in Nautical terms– “do what you please”, which thankfully all the street has done so far.
    I figure its because Obama has digs in Charlies Big Hoose (just along the road), but its a kind of advertising for the bad guys.

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  2. It will be interesting to see how COP26 affects the infection figure for Scotland a week or two after everyone has gone home. Last year a G7 soirée in Cornwall caused 4000 extra cases in one small village where the paparazzi were staying. No doubt our MSM will, true to form, proudly announce that the U.K. COP26 in Glasgow is another great Union benefit for us all. Infections included.
    I do not understand why these conferences are needed. As this is a world emergency why not just talk in the UN offices in NY, NY?

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  3. Top estimate R = 1. Pandemic flatlining not shrinking. 2.5k cases per day average.Definition of under control is
    less than 50 new cases per 100000 in 7 days . We are at 378. Good start point for cop26 to build on.
    Covid in Scotland: Infection rate steady while rising in rUK.


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