Scotland’s media-endangered species?

I’m grateful to:

La Magia del Monte Florida@MoFloMoJo·Is that the rats gone then? for prompting this.

The Glasgow Refuse Rats have fallen of the front pages and the TV screens. Maybe Good Morning Scotland still has a wee place for them?

Perhaps our specials, featuring facts, have spoiled things:

The now homeless, rats are rumoured to have been rehomed next to the Glasgow Hospital Pigeons. Remember them?

Pigeons at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital dismissed as  nuisance just months before dropping-linked deaths - Daily Record

We have a crowd-funder to raise £2.50 for birdseed and past their sell by date monster munches in an effort to attract rats and pigeons back to Pacific Quay: at

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6 thoughts on “Scotland’s media-endangered species?

  1. Breaking News
    A mass evacuation by Rattus norvegicus
    ( common brown rat )
    Is well under way from ABC ( BBC Scotland)
    HQ @ Pacific Quay
    This species is particularly well adapted
    To recognise the first signs of danger
    Especially sinking ships and quickly search for safer havens
    All that is required now is to vacate the human equivalent from the building
    This is not fake news
    But observed by myself from a certain telephone kiosk operated by Doctor Who
    As we jointly undertook a reconnaissance
    Trip into the not to distant future

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  2. Repressing Scotland had a greetin’-faced Tory cooncillor (and Starwars) to complain about a resolution to the strike threat—“b’stards put up money to fix this”, he whined.

    Brighton, a far-away place of which the BBC in Scotland knows little, had a refuse strike for a couple of weeks.
    It was resolved by offering millions of pounds to the unions.

    No Tory cooncillors were injured in the ending of this dispute.

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  3. But the good old, ever-reliable Grauniad has found a place to mention them here.

    It’s Libby Brooks. So just in case you can’t be bothered to read it, a brief(ish!) summary.

    It goes without saying that:
    a) it’s almost completely negative
    b) there’s little to no relationship between the headline and the story
    c) it’s not open for comment

    It opens by saying as a Latina delegate arrives it isn’t raining yet, but it’s so cloudy she knows it’s going to.
    From there we get:
    – it’s cold, wet and ‘furriners’ need to borrow special weatherproof clothing
    – Prices are rocketing, accommodation’s hard to find and well over-priced
    – Commuting from Edinburgh is difficult and “adds another layer of cost and complexity” for protesters carrying, inter al 30m of chain
    – Glasgow will be a focal point for protesters, causing even more disruption, probably turn Glasgow into plague city but NS has asked them to do it peacefully and wear masks. (Makes her sound very ineffectual doesn’t it?)
    – This segues into the protester being relieved he can catch a train. That strikes’s been settled and Scotrail’s offering an enhanced service.
    Don’t relax too soon. That’s not the only strike. Oh no.

    What about cleansing workers, eh? Anus met with them on Friday morning. And, despite “Glasgow’s SNP Leadership” saying they’re working around the clock, took the opportunity to condemns ScotGov for ignoring the crisis, fewer collections and a surge in fly-tipping etc. And, lo and behold, later that day it was called off.

    Still another strike though (phew!) Criminal defence lawyers are threatening to boycott ScotGov plans to deal with protesters, muttering about Legal Aid cuts and overflowing cells.

    There’s more!
    – it’s total chaos there! Roads are closed – esp the Clydeside Expressway – traffics building, cos the diversions don’t work . There’s diverted cycle lanes but “cyclists have reported the new routes as being poorly signed, chaotic and sometimes dangerous to use.”

    TBF, there are, of course, bound to be problems. But no mentions made of mitigations, funding, co=operation, who’s responsible for what etc’

    Still, it’s not all gloom and doom. There a 3 whole paragraphs right at the end. I’ll quote them in full, so you can see how she obviously struggled for balance.

    “Then there are those whose enthusiasm is undented. Later on Thursday afternoon, and in direct contravention of the weather forecast, the clouds clear above the Cop26 campus, the sky resolves to a sharp blue and the sunlight dances on the River Clyde beneath the elegant Clyde Arc.[Poetic, init?] At the nearby blue zone bus stop, Bob Alston is already directing visitors disembarking the dedicated summit service.

    Alston, one of a thousand Glaswegian volunteers, says: ‘I’m retired and I thought: I can do that.’ On his first shift he met a delegate from Turkmenistan: they are now Facebook friends.

    As a handful of early arrivals stroll along the riverside, he admits it is hard to fathom how the city will look and feel with the anticipated tens of thousands of extra people. ‘It’s good that it’s happening here, my only hope is that something actually gets done.’ “

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    1. Thanks, this is interesting. I do wonder, who IS paying for the whole event in Glasgow? I know Scotland will be billed for security, but other costs and, including policing, has the English government offered a penny for that for example? What about the extra transport required etc?? Just everything really, effects on infrastructure such as, the er, the sewage system, and water supply etc.

      Anyway, saw lots of tourists in Edinburgh yesterday, a few from the US, so I suspect lots of folks will stay in other areas and travel into Glasgow.

      I just hope that Mr. Biden invites himself to Bute house and gives the First Minister of Scotland a lift to COP26! Fantasy I know.


  4. Yep, this “rat” campaign a la QEUH farce failed to gain the slightest traction among Scots, you might actually conclude BBC Scotland is a CSO, the merest glimpse of a stormcloud over Downing Street triggers overflowing shite in Glasgow complete with Glenn Campbell and a film crew going for the Raspberry award with “live” coverage on smellivision.

    An Anas Sarwar reprise to replace his disgraceful “What about Millie Main” must be surely coming, yet “What about Rats?” opens up too many possible observations on Jackass, Juan, Turdo etc., etc, so probably poses too great a risk. An innocent but dead child cannot answer back.

    Even the venonous and perma-angry Forres Gump has fallen quiet in the tradition of Scot’s Tory leaders, as sure a sign as any the lines are being rehearsed for the latest “wizard idea” from #10’s Spin-Unit.
    However, you can be confident you’ll hear it first from the News where nobody are, BBC Scotland…

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  5. Knowing how the BBC would report a similar story in Scotland..

    In Cambridge..

    “Addenbrooke’s Hospital: Patient dies in ambulance outside ‘extremely busy’ A&E”

    The BBC article says..

    “As first reported in The Independent, the patient had been assessed by a registered nurse when they arrived at the hospital just before 22:00 BST.”


    “The East of England Ambulance Service has been contacted for comment.”

    Three points.

    Would the BBC have covered this story if The Independent had not reported it first?

    Why was it only covered by BBC News: East of England and not as a major news story?

    Why did the BBC not contact Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care for comment.


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