Sarwar in the sewers to find Glasgow less ratty than London?

Moving on, for now, from shouting the names of dead children at the First Minister, in TV debates, Scottish Labour Leader, Anas Sewer is alerting us to Glasgow’s ‘One million rats!’

It does seem a lot. A million of anything always does. A million votes for Scottish Labour!!?? OK, too far.

Anyhow Mhairi Hunter’s twitter thread today puts it in context as we see that London has nearly 20 million rats.

You won’t be surprised to hear that my wee numbers-brain fired up at the sight of those millions.

London population 9 million, so every Londoner gets 2.2 rats.

Glasgow population 600 000 and 1.3 million rats, so every Glaswegian only gets 2.16 rats!

We win!!!!

10 thoughts on “Sarwar in the sewers to find Glasgow less ratty than London?

  1. The baby one looks quite cute in the photo. I thought Glasgow had a bigger population than 600k, which is not that much more than Edinburgh.
    BritNats in the media really are hoping to portray Glasgow as ratty ridden city, and it’s all that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault. President Biden at the end of his presidential address, said, ‘see you in Scotland’. Watch out for the rats Mr. Biden! He will have the measure of things I’m sure.

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  2. All of these figures are estimates, it’s not as if a census has ever been carried out.
    Find a city or town with a river running through it and you will find rats, nowhere is exempt not even on the Discworld.

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  3. The sooner COP26 is over the better. We are excluded anyway.

    What should have been a wonderful opportunity for Scotland to showcase success and to help other countries make progress with renewables, they have deliberately turned into a manufactured PR disaster for Glasgow and Scotland in front of the world’s media.

    There is no way back for the “Rats and Filth” BBC and ITV, the “Rates and Filth” Labour Party and the “Rats and Filth” Tories. And all the rest. Not after this.

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    1. ..and don’t forget the “plagues”

      The propagandists and the politicians who sought to capitalise on it did themselves more harm than good in this, the Herald/Ferret fiasco likewise intended to cast Scotland in a negative light has destroyed the Ferret’s hard won credibility.

      You don’t just walk away from that, and Sarwar is a damned fool to continue pushing it, it will backfire.


    2. “… they have deliberately turned into a manufactured PR disaster …”

      It’s another example – albeit an especially egregious one given the COP context – of an approach which seeks to dampen down any risk of momentum building around national self-confidence, a confidence still needed by many before they will vote for self-determination.

      And of the denigrators of Glasgow, it strikes me none of the perpetrators can ever again with an ounce of credibility claim to be a ‘proud Scot’.

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  4. I’d argue that our ‘win’ is even better than you think.

    The population you quote for London is actually that of Greater London, so, in the interests of fairness, should you not be comparing with the population of Greater Glasgow?

    That makes it 1.3 million rats for 1.2 million people – so every Glaswegian gets 1.08 rats…


  5. Labour were in control in Glasgow for years. What did they do about the problems? Nothing. Orange Marches taken over the streets. They did nothing for Glasgow or Scotland. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The SNP have only been in power in Glasgow recently. They are having to sort out all the problems. It takes time.

    Fifty years of Labour led to decline in Scotland. The SNP governance has improved the economy, There is less unemployment and things are better. Devolution increased the population. The first time for centuries. Independence would be even better. Curtail Westminster unionist power to ruin the world economy.


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