Scotland’s booster ‘jab’ programme streaks ahead

Only three days after Ross and Sarwar criticised it, Scotland’s booster programme has fallen off the media coverage to be briefly replaced by delayed ferries again and today, care worker shortages not apparently anything to do with Brexit.

Here’s why.

Scotland has done 633 722 booster jags, but England, with ten times the population, has not managed to do the same, pro rata, 6 337 220. They have only managed 5 878 316 including some faked data based on 3rd jags for some groups. Why can’t they do accurate stats?

Scotland has thus booster jagged 10% more overall and has been doing a higher percentage, daily, for two weeks now. Our media has managed to miss all of that.



One thought on “Scotland’s booster ‘jab’ programme streaks ahead

  1. ”More Booster jags than anyone else – damn it ! Train dispute resolved – b*stards !

    Find me a Bad SNP news story for the BBC Shortbread news !
    Has a rat killed anyone in Glasgow ? Has Sturgeon head-butted DRoss ? Has Sarwar paid his workers the Living Wage ? ”

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