Gert your John Bull Special Torture Beef here!

From the SNP Westminster Press Office

The SNP has condemned the Tory government’s post-Brexit race to the bottom in standards, after reports that the former International Trade Secretary Liz Truss blocked plans to ban imports made to low animal welfare standards.

The rejected proposals would have made it easier for the UK government to ban products that fell short of standards – including beef from cows kept in confined spaces or eggs from hens caged in dire conditions.

According to reports, Truss, who is now Foreign Secretary, blocked plans to maintain high standards as it would have hampered the Tory government’s attempts to secure post-Brexit trade deals.

Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow International Trade spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said:

“If these reports are true then it confirms once again that the Tory government is intent on sacrificing our high standards and selling out our food and farming sectors in fire sale-like fashion in order to secure damaging post-Brexit trade deals.

“The UK-Australia trade deal has already raised serious concerns – with Scotland’s agriculture sector facing the very real threat of being undercut on standards and prices. Reports that the former Trade Secretary blocked measures to ban imports of low standard products have only heightened those concerns with future trade deals as the Tory government pursues a race to the bottom in standards.

“It’s increasingly clear that Scotland is vulnerable under Westminster control. The only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Tory Brexit is to become an independent country.”

UK trade department blocks plan to ban food made to low standards


8 thoughts on “Gert your John Bull Special Torture Beef here!

  1. Is anyone surprised ?
    Look at the way they treat the Poor and Old Age Pensioners and those on Universal Credit ( never mind illegal immigrants ! )
    If they treat humans like this why would they have different criteria for animals ?

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  2. Where is the Scottish farmers union?
    Why are they swallowing this stuff?
    Scottish farmers will end up in the same leaky boat as Scottish fishermen.

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    1. Believe it or not
      But all this is part of the post Brexit Tory
      They know full well that basic food prices can only go 1 way and that is UP
      which in turn impacts slowly but surely
      Upon many millions of families
      And a sure fire way of avoiding this along with the real possibility of social disorder
      They are dismantling UK food and animal
      Husbandry Standards
      All so food prices drop by a change of diet for the poorer in society many who
      Even currently have little or no choice when it comes to dinner time
      A £1 fast food cheese burger JUNK
      or Starve ( no smoked salmon & caviar )
      The health consequences are unthinkable
      As is the long lasting effects upon the NHS
      Westminster in the past days of Colonial rule has much form regarding delibarately engineering food policies
      But only to enrich themselves whilst millions starved in many colonies as warehouses locked and under armed guard

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  3. The rich being in power is a disaster for the vulnerable, the poor, for wildlife, for pets and for ‘farm’ animals and everything on this planet actually. I mean these people watch baby foxes being torn to death by rabid dogs (that they have most likely starved for days) and they actually at best don’t care and at worst, they enjoy it. So sentient beings kept chained unable to move at all, probably can’t even lie down (!) or even touch the sentient being next to them, is absolutely not on the cruelty radar of the rich in power, it’s just not something they care about at all.
    There were people seen in Norfolk yesterday throwing stones at a dying seal on the beach, that’s the sort of mentality we are dealing with here, I mean just, why? It’s just absolutely despicable. The cruelty and barbaric treatment of ‘animals’ across the globe by so called humans is just off the scale and it seems worse since Covid. Humans will pay for their cruel acts against animals one day they really will.

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    1. Artyhetty
      Civilisation is determined by 2 factors only
      1.The manner by which we all treat our
      Fellow citizens of the Planet
      2.The manner by which we treat ALL life
      And the environment upon the Planet
      And England scores NILL points in both
      The Fate of the planet was sealed when
      The Dutch in the East Indies swapped a
      A very rare Nutmeg bearing tiny Island
      Fought over for years with the British
      What was the Island they swapped
      The Dutch called it New Amsterdam
      What is called today
      The British upon arrival paid the Native Indians to officially own it
      With a bag of glass beads
      Upon The Indian Cheif putting his mark upon the land title transfer papers
      He commented that it is now your duty
      To look after this land and you are the keeper not for yourselves but to handle
      It in order to pass onto future generations in a better condition than you have just inherited
      Stop and think for a moment
      That this led to the USA and all the consequences of Rampant capitalism
      And massive uncontrolled fossil fuel burning along with global severe environmental degradation
      All this may be determined as what is
      Referred to as
      A Hinge of Fate
      And all thanks to a little spice called Nutmeg
      Which at that time in weight was far more valuable than Gold
      Britain only done the deal with the Dutch because The RN suffered many losses taking the Island from the Dutch
      And having to retake it many times after
      Being kicked off it by the Dutch
      And British priorty was ensuring they beat the Dutch to ruling India
      The London Merchants determined that although they became stonking rich
      From their temporary Nutmeg harvests
      That as the Dutch owned the only 8 other Nutmeg Islands
      That The London Market could not manipulate Nutmeg prices to their liking
      The rest is now History but a terrible future beckons imminently

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  4. Sorry John, perhaps I’m a bit thick here but what do animal welfare conditions in Hyderabad have in common with Australia ?

    The cow is worshipped in India despite the Hindu Times headline, one can only imagine the blessings bestowed on Baronless Ruth were she to deign to visit, or even greater blessings for the Jackass Baillie, she who even blots out the Sun’s Chris Musson’s “exclusive” headlines despite being nowhere nearer the truth, doubtless on a mission to expose booster jag failures in Delhi….catesens…

    To be clear on this trade garbage from Lizcheese Truss, it makes absolutely no economic or environmental sense whatever to ship refrigerated animal carcasses to the other side of the planet, and and frankly I doubt it will happen beyond them being “dumped” at zero loss.

    Much as the US chlorinated chicken and steroid beef farces before, what appears to be central to the Eton Rifles thinking is driving UK farming into penury, shellfish, fish, livestock frankly doesn’t matter really, they’re all just assets.
    Except for Scots where they are entire communities.
    Scotland has had asset strippers and profiteers aplenty over the last 50 odd years, a piracy of the modern age replete with business cards and flash suits, but no notion nor care for social impact – Scots don’t think that way…
    And we are not about to start..

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    1. It definitely would be better for the planet if people stopped or at least cut down on their ‘meat’ (sentient beings) consumption. Mega ‘farming’ is not something I’d want to see in Scotland and it may come to that. Dreadful. Animals are very intelligent and Humans are actually close in their makeup to pigs, genetically! Though pigs are highly intelligent.

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