Three of BBC Scotland’s latest misses

These reports never happened. I’ve imagined them and mocked them so to speak.

You can tell it’s not a BBC Scotland/Scotsman/Herald report with those respectful titles.

The Belfast Telegraph managed that one but, of course, she was still ‘Sturgeon.’

Our senior politician speaks regularly on matters of real concern to all of us and you need to dig for them because they need the space for her supposed failures and for the drivel from Sarwar and Ross.

8 thoughts on “Three of BBC Scotland’s latest misses

  1. They have no serious arguments to maintain a “Union” which is grossly unequal, disrespectful and colonial in nature, so have resorted to smear, character assassination and spurious ad hominem attacks.

    P.T Barnum asserted there “was a fool born every minute”.
    In the UK, that fool will also be elevated to the Lords.
    All he needs is some dodgy money, the PM’s phone number (or Hi Jacks) and a brass neck.

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  2. Even though STV has covered those stories. I think you should add STV News to future lists of Scottish news sources that talk down Scotland. Some of the worst, sensationalist headlines eminate from their television and website news.

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      1. Not sure they do ‘question the response of the Scottish government on many issues’ really. They do though distort the Scottish governments’ response, that’s if they even report on what is actually said, or allow the SNP to respond without constant interruption in the first place. The British nationalist media are not interested in reporting anything accurately good or bad, they dance to the tune of their masters in London, simple really.

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