8 English cities top ratty league ahead of Glasgow

Glasgow’s supposed rat crisis has been everywhere from the Sun to Question Time. Those political rats, the Scottish Conservatives and their informers in the GMB have been loving the sight of their cousins scurrying around COP26 City.

But, the facts are less welcome to them. A survey of 3,400 callouts in October 2020, across the UK by Pest.co.uk reveals the cities where you are most likely to spot a rat:

Birmingham – 353
Newcastle – 305
Leeds – 266
Liverpool – 251
City of London – 190
Manchester – 187
Sheffield – 155
Cardiff – 139
Bristol – 131
Edinburgh – 120


13 thoughts on “8 English cities top ratty league ahead of Glasgow

  1. Fancy that. Another’s recent political stushi about something which is not unusual. Rats are always with us. I am sure rats were on Noah’s ark. Words that are meaningless from pretendy political edjits.

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  2. Aye the Aitken/DRoss “exchange” is in a National piece this morning, absolutely atrocious and aggressive nonsense from DRoss trying to score petty political points. https://www.thenational.scot/news/19670756.cop26-douglas-ross-susan-aitken-clash-glasgow-claim/
    A committee formed to establish facts, abused by a man who should be let nowhere near any of them.
    Susan Aitken touched on an excellent point I hadn’t previously considered, the effects of the pandemic on rats –
    As well as fewer food joints open (hence reduced waste), fewer folks about, the rats had to go farther afield. Together will a roll back on curbs, they estimated the rat population had increased ca 25%.

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  3. Glaringly obvious and serious omission
    From rat call out league table and that is
    Maybe because the rats their are rather fat and much larger, on a staple diet of other peoples sweat from their brows

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  4. I have no doubt that the deplorable sanctioning of ongoing sewage discharge by English based Water companies will ensure the rat population around their rivers and cities will continue to flourish and keep those cities in the top ten spots to be avoided

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  5. How can these people in politics, television and the media participate in this sickening propaganda at this crucial moment for Glasgow. Considering the real world leading progress of Scotland in achieving COP26 goals, that they choose to cover rats in the city is just beyond belief. How can they do this? A disgrace, doing very real damage to Scotland. They care nothing for Scotland.

    COP26 will be full of people talking about the PROBLEMS of climate change.

    Nicola Sturgeon should be there, because she would talking about SOLUTIONS and be able to demonstrate the success of those solutions to the whole world. That she is banned from attending in her own country is also a disgrace that not only damages Scotland, it damages COP26 and the entire planet.

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    1. Totally agree. I have tweeted ‘COP26’ about the FM of Scotland basically being locked out of COP26 by the English government, certainly in any official capacity, which is a disgrace. It’s also incredibly disrespectful to the FM of Scotland, to her party, and to the people of Scotland whose democratically elected government are being locked out of a world event that the country next door, England, have the cheek to host in Scotland with all of the complications, disruption and expense, and no doubt trouble, ie potential violence on the streets. The fact the BritNats are using this event as a political tool to their own advantage, in order to max the negativity and myths they so love to use about Scotland, is utterly despicable, but not surprising.
      Get the Saltires hung out soon folks!

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  6. The SNP have only been in control in Glasgow for a short period. Labour were in control for most of the time previously. They have left an appalling legacy. It will take more than a few years to sort. The SNP administration has to sort out all the problems they left.

    The Tory unionists took every resources and wealth out of Scotland. Thatcher. Hide it under the Official Secrets Act. Labour caused the illegal wars costing Scotland. Labour illegal wars causing mass destruction, killing and maiming millions of people and causing mass migration.

    Austerity and Brexit now costing lives and ruining the economy. Independence will curtail Westminster power. It will make Scotland and the world a better place. The rats in a sack at Westminster ruining the economy. Cost of living going up. The standard of living going down.

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  7. I’m sure some more rats of all types will find their way to Glasgow in the coming week or so.
    If Glasgow is so dirty, rat ridden and just utter squalor why not decamp COP26 to London where it’s all clean, then the Tories and their bestie pals Liebour, won’t have to bother going all the way to smelly, dirty, and most dangerous stinking rotten Scotland where you can’t see your own hand for the horrible jock smog, urgh!!

    Anyway, we live with three ‘Rattys’ each is deposited in the hallway when on rare occasions our cat is left alone in the house. They are inanimate rats but with distinct personalities, maybe similar to some of the rats descending on Glasgow soon.

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