Lib Dems defend care homes corporations’ right to keep cash cows regardless of lives lost

In the Herald today:

Liberal Democrats have warned that SNP plans to set up a publicly-funded National Care Service risk handing more power to ministers – claiming the plans will “cut local accountability out of the process”.

The Scottish Government is investigating whether social care and other services such as drug rehabilitation, could be restructured in a model similar to the NHS.

What do we know about the Covid deaths in care homes and what does that suggest we should do? In particular, does the evidence argue in favour of more power for ministers?

We know:

Privately owned care homes are the most complained about by relatives yet until the pandemic, accountability was not in evidence because, year after year, it was always that group getting the complaints and, mostly, doing little about them.

90% of most complained about care homes privately run

Privately owned care homes had more deaths pro rata than voluntary or council-run homes.

Local accountability seems to have done little.

I guess the Lib Dems want to keep the care homes cash cow open so that owners can then sponsor them, like Sudhir Choudrie.

From the Guardian in 2014:

The Liberal Democrats were mired in a fresh donor row when it emerged that one of the party’s biggest benefactors is an international arms dealer listed on the Indian fraud squad’s blacklist of “undesirables”.

Choudhrie, who is in his 70s, was named by Clegg as a potential future peer last year. Last autumn it was reported that he had fallen off the prospective peer list following a damning official report into hospitals and care homes he owns.

The Lib Dems, just Tories.

9 thoughts on “Lib Dems defend care homes corporations’ right to keep cash cows regardless of lives lost

  1. ‘Too much power’. Ah, so if a government needs to make essential changes to how services are delivered, in order to save lives, it’s a power trip? If they were handing out huge lucrative but useless contracts to the tune of £billions, to their pals, that would be not giving ‘ministers too much power’?
    I think the BritNats have things somewhat the wrong way around, perhaps they are confused about the actual role of democratically elected governments.

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  2. The LibDems have a leadership ‘contest’ at the moment and the sole candidate, Mr Cole-Hamilton, is a rent-a-quote type who is pretty right wing, like the rest of the crew who went, happily into coalition with David Cameron. He is also very hostile to independence.

    So the Herald and the Beeb and the rest are going to give space and air time for punditry.

    He was elected on the back of tactically voting Tories and Lab.

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  3. Local accountability seems to be their mantra.
    Oor Willie used to be big on local police accountability.
    Of course,all that democracy stops when it comes to Holyrood being fully accountable to Scots for everything that happens in Scotland.
    Just the usual lies and duplicity we have come to expect from London based political parties.

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  4. The Scottish Gov has to take over responsibility because of the failure of unionist/LibDem councils. The services and funding were handed down at a local to (unionists) councils. Under social care. Total failure they did not fund proper total abstinence, one chance, rehab facilities. Instead people on methadone for years. A totally false economy. Spending monies on other service/matter. Not life or death. Ending up costing more.

    The proper facilities closed because of lack of funding. A combination of public and private (insurance) funding. There were no proper facilities to get people well available for Drs to refer. Leading to people not getting well and an increase in death rate.

    The failure of unionist party members who are not fit for public service. Inadequate personalities causing higher death rates. Some of them should just keep quiet. They are part of the problem of premature deaths. Deliberately defying the policies of the majority elected Gov. To gain attention. Lies. To line their pockets at the expense of others. Life and death decisions. They do not care.

    The appalling decisions of Unionist Parties failure. Rock bottom. Rotten from the bottom to the top. LibDems responsible for £Billions of cuts in welfare funding. The cause of increased poverty and lack of proper rehab funding. Libdem facilitated cuts to education funding. £6Billion a year. (£30Billion). Cuts to the NHS £20Billion when funding should have been increasing. Leading to early death. Brexit will lead to poverty and premature death, (ConDems) Cons. trying to con people. Lies.


  5. Alex Cauld-Ham was elected by Lib Dems, Tory and Labour parties all crowd-voting him in.

    He is the prime example of an “ideal” British nationalist politicians.
    Greedy (rent-a-hut), selfish, shallow, sound-bite, tribalist huckster, who takes the public for idiots.
    Insider leaking from inquiries; standing up for private profits above public good; an empty tin can.

    In Edinburgh his besties were Baroness Ruthie (fighting abolish the Lords–haha) and Union Jock Murray (fighting for himself).

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    1. Yep and these people are given a huge platform by their pals in the BritNat media even though they are actually really as insignificant as they could get in Scotland, short of not existing at all. To have the word ‘democrat’ in their party title could hardly be less descriptive of their intentions and agenda could it. They are self servatives, can’t even think why they do exist in fact, Scotland doesn’t need a second or third Tory party taking vital cash from the pubic purse, money wasted that could be better spent on the real needs of the people, rather than an expensive, non stop complaining for the sake of it, ‘graffiti in the park’ tut tut level of a cabal.

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  6. D’Hond’t and STV a fallacy. Introduced by Unionists to control and muck up Scotland. To damage democracy and the economy.

    A million votes go in the bin to let 3rd rate losers in, They cannot be got rid. Not democratic at all. Not representational. More unionist lies trying to control.


    1. D’Hond’t is used in other countries, far as I know the form of it the EngGov forced onto Scotland is not quite the same as used in other countries? Could it be made simpler?


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